PlayStation Just Screwed Up Big Time

CCC Says: "Sony just blew a lot of goodwill. How, you ask? Well then, clearly you haven't heard the bad news over which PS3, PS4 and Vita owners are lamenting and Microsoft and Nintendo fans are gloating. The PlayStation Now Beta is now a paid program, and the prices aren't cheap. To give a general idea, the basic price for a PS3 title that was originally sold at retail can range from $2.99-4.99 per 4 hours, $5.99-$7.99 for a week, and $14.99-$29.99 to have it for 90 days. Even PlayStation Store exclusives, like Crazy Taxi, follow the same pricing model as the low-end retail games."

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shallowpoint1157d ago

They have no set prices yet

randomass1711157d ago

I think it's fair for people to respond to the prices with their opinions, but I think some people are being very melodramatic about them. These are test prices and are not final.

shallowpoint1157d ago

Agree 100% If Sony sticks to these prices then lets raise hell. Im sure after seeing the back lash they will change.

mkis0071157d ago

Its just plain bad that all these stories are claiming bloody murder when these are beta prices...they have changed throughout the beta...
There is no story until they come out of beta.

fr0sty1157d ago

Not to mention this is the hundredth opinion article about this exact same subject. N4G should put a limit on the number of days after a piece of news breaks that an opinion piece can be written about it or something... this is getting ridiculous.

kamisama1157d ago

People don't understand it's a beta and Sony is trying to find the sweet spot for pricing literally the email they send out for the beta states that there listening carefully to what customers think and will change accordingly

bouzebbal1157d ago

when will these haters realize that prices aren't final?

Army_of_Darkness1157d ago

Whatever the price may be,it doesn't really matter to me because I'm gonna stick with digital and physical disc to play my games.

DragonKnight1157d ago

"Sony just blew a lot of goodwill."

How many of you are ditching your Playstation devices over place setter prices?

I'm not. Anyone else not getting rid of their PS devices?

justy1121157d ago

The PlayStation now prices are not 100% controlled by Sony. the prices are set by the publishers and Developers of the games. Just like the DRM is also set by the publishers and developers and not Sony. This is part of Sony's policies of giving complete free to those that want to use it. There are articles of this for PlayStation now pricing and other Sony related stuff. If I can find them I will post it.

Death1157d ago

So third parties are dictating first party game fees? If what you say is true, wouldn't first party games be cheaper?

Joe9131157d ago

Not really as long as it is a beta and not real prices then all responses are melodramatic you have a right to bitch after the real prices come out don't rent anything in the beta that will send a clear message to Sony lol.

SilentNegotiator1157d ago

Why are so many "journalists" latching onto the idea that PS Now beta prices are the end of the world for Sony itself?

Joe9131157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

It is not fair because these may not be the real prices so anyone crying about this could cause people to not even try PS Now and it will all be because people jumped to conclusions yea these prices are stupid but lets see what Sony really does before we cry about it give them a chance they have stood up for gamers since the PS4 was announced and the first mistake or misstep you people want to cry about beta prices like it is the end of the world vote with wallet and see if the prices don't come down bout time the service really roll out. Sorry for double post did not see my first post until the second post was already up.

amiga-man1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

It is in Sony's best interest to make a success of this but it is also in their interest to make it as profitable as they can,

there is a balance to be struck and Consumers will be the deciding factor in that, too high they won't bite too low and Sony are not doing whats best for the company..

Ultimately the consumers will decide if it has value or not and Sony will follow that lead, so I'm not sure why some people are making such a fuss over something good that Sony is bringing to the Playstation.

sonarus1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

Agreed that these are test prices and not final but sony needs to recognize there is absolutely no way anyone will pay these prices. So I will say the melodrama is necessary here.

Mr_Writer851157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )



How dare Sony charge prices for a service I will never use!


GribbleGrunger1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

When are people going to wake up to the fact that PSNow is not for the audience who posts on sites like this. The prices will change, without a doubt, but this service is for people who don't really game as much as you or I. Yes, it will appear on the PS4. Vita and the PS3 but the main focus in the future will be TVs, Laptops, Phones, Blu-ray players and Pads.

kreate1156d ago

I didnt know ppl cared about this program that much. If it fails, oh well.

BX811156d ago

Agreed. They should voice there disapproval for the prices, buts lets not act like Sony isn't in beta and said these are the prices like it or not.

Prime1571156d ago

I agree, melodramatic.

What's worse, PlayStation Now BETA PRICING, or the absurd amount of ads on this site.

Pogmathoin1156d ago

Frosty, agreed, even when a million of the same MS stories get through for the pleasure of fanboys...... There should be more strictness on what gets approved. Self policing...... We know that has never ever worked..... It only benefits those with an agenda to push.

Razputin1156d ago


Test prices really.. WTF do you think this is 1865?

This is 2014. They have betas, focus groups, Q&As for this kind of stuff.

Playstation Now should just be included with Playstation Plus. They are getting $50 from millions of people already. This could be even more incentive for people to move onto a different console. They should just have a small premium of maybe a few dollars, because you won't ever really own the game -- you don't already, but at least you had a disk to show for it, and this is just a streaming service.

I'm not here to bring the whole debacle of which console is best, or that PC is better.

But this is essentially why the PC model of online services is better.

Claudinho691156d ago

why the hell would u test these prices though, you must not be from this planet

jebabcock1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

in many cases... the prices aren't great.. but they aren't the only option... I don't think anybody is going to ignore sony because they offered an additional alternative that no other console manufacturer is offering despite how unfavorable the pricing is.. How can MS or Nintendo Gloat when they have nothing in place to compare with this? this article smacks of butt hurt fanboy..

Maybe Sony's initial proposal is not the best, but from a business standpoint its better to start too high than too low and find out you need to raise prices in order to not be in the red. It is much easier to lower prices than raise..

In the land of the blind, the One Eyed man Is king... Right now in this space for better or worse, Sony is King by default...



I guess you missed the whole part where THIS IS A BETA STILL!!!!!!

k3rn3ll1156d ago

The problem is the Publishers have a huge input on the price. Sucks cuz I had high hopes for this service. Before beta there was lots of articles about PS signing publishers to include games on service. This is most likely the result of that. Even if it is Beta those prices are high mainly due to the pubs. Hopefully it changes but they dont need to use a beta to define their prices.

DOMination-1156d ago

PSnow should be a subscription so whilst its fair to say these prices are subject to change its alao fair to point out that nobody asked for this

UltraNova1156d ago

People need to realize that Beta, as in not the final product - being tested for further improvements via user feedback also includes pricing when available...

So can we please hold our horses and gladly rip Sony a new one if the final release is actually priced that ridiculously?

Thank you!

starchild1156d ago

Well to be fair, if people don't react negatively then these prices very well could be the final prices.

Bimkoblerutso1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

If it is a beta, then people NEED TO LET SONY KNOW that these prices are outrageous. That's the point of a beta, for god's sake. As some of the more level-headed commenters have suggested, those prices probably would stay the same if Sony and the other publishers thought they could get away with it.

It's the nature of the beast. These companies are NOT your friends, dammit.

warczar1156d ago

These prices may not be final but that doesn't make them suck any less. How can they expect people to pay more for Now than they do for gamely? I'm as big a Playstation supporter as there is but I'm not willing to overlook f'ed up business practices, that's why I don't buy Microsoft crap anymore. If Sony expects me to throw down money for Now they better get serious with the pricing because right now it's a joke.

Hayabusa 1171156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

"test prices" lol.

@ DOMination-

I agree, I'd much rather pay for a subscription service.

Kidmyst1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

What a joke of journalism this article is written purely for flamebait. No one is forced to pay these prices, it's not a requirement to pay for PS Now. Some people get so over dramatic! If the price is too high then don't pay it, I can buy older games cheaper from Amazon VS through the PSstore. We gamers speak with our wallets, I won't support high prices and neither should anyone else. if Sony fails to make money off this, they will make changes.

spacecat50501156d ago

Instead of some of you defending these absurd prices you should be mad and letting Sony know that this isn't right and these prices are ridiculous.

It obvious that Sony will listen as they also changed the TLOU price when they thought they could get away with screwing their users over. This should be no different.

and I am seeing a lot of excuses saying the prices are like this because they are not aimed at gamers like that makes it right? These prices are still a rip off for a non gamer or gamer alike.

Please stop with the Its OK Sony♥ mentality and lets tell Sony that they need a better price structure.