Opinion: Will Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Allow You to re-write Dragon Ball History?

Bandai Namco Games Reveals new details surrouding Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, including an option to re-write the Dragon Ball timeline.

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randomass1711639d ago

That'd be a neat feature. I wouldn't mind a Mass Effect/Walking Dead story branch mechanic. Just as long as the fighting gameplay is better than Battle of Z. Blegh!

sinncross1639d ago

its quite possible. The game appears to be using the Dragonball Online story, which itself actually involves time travel because the actions by Trunks creates alternate timelines or something to that effect.

I would not be surprised if the Red haired character is meant to be the human avatar in DBOnline but altered to become an actual canon character as opposed to an avatar type character.

maniacmayhem1639d ago

If this guy is truly a fusion Saiyan and in God mode then what villain can beat him?

His power would definitely be over 9000!

KakashiHotake1639d ago

This is sounds like a very interesting take on Dragon ball Z.

Legendary-Status1639d ago

agree..hype up a feel's like Im missing episode's a bit like where have I been I know I watch all DB DBZ DBGT & all 13 movies lol what have I missed...this has me curious....omg if they have Otherworld in this Im gon def. buy this DAY1