Far Cry 4: The 11 Things You Need to Know

GR-UK writes: "11 things we've learnt (including details on the time-limited free-roam co-op that you can play without a copy of the game, the game's mission structure, when we can get wing suits, and whether Ubisoft Montreal can top Blood Dragon) after our ‪E3 2014‬ interview with Far Cry 4's creative director."

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showtimefolks1488d ago

my main concern with farcry has been the first person point of view when driving, I don't know why they don't add another camera angle

Malphite1488d ago

Really? I never had a problem with that.

showtimefolks1487d ago

most people are fine with it but i feel dizzy after driving in farcry . I think its more of a personal concern. I have seen some others say they are are bothered by it

Indo1488d ago

Will definitely get Far Cry 4 for the PS4.

Rainbowcookie1488d ago

When it was first announced I was trying to picture Farcry 3 in a mountainous snowy environment and thought , bar a new location , hero , etc it won't have anything new. Was I wrong! It looks to build on the series.