Perfect World preps a trio of games for the Xbox One launch in its homeland: China (interview)

After a decades-old ban, Microsoft and BesTV plan to launch the Xbox One video game console in China this September, adding a possible 500 million potential customers for the console industry. To take advantage of that opportunity, Chinese game publisher Perfect World has at least three games in the works for the console’s launch.

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XiSasukeUchiha1338d ago

I'm expecting an interesting race here.

christocolus1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

It will be interesting indeed. Chinese publishers and devs working on xbox one games? Never thought i'd see the MS is really pushing the brand hard. Glad they doing this. I also Wonder if pre-orders will kick off on a high note too. Phil talked about a pre launch event in japan,I hope something like that is also planned for china. Would love to see what these guys are working on.

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AngelicIceDiamond1338d ago

@Chris I never knew there were actual Chinese game developers tbh.

christocolus1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )


Wth? Dude are you high or something? You just cracked me up with that comment.lmao.

I think Phil is doing a great job as the new captain of the ship. we no need no Don Mattrick. Damn. The guy even went as far as cancelling all interviews at e3 2013. Phil is a direct opposite,he was engaged through out E3, doing interviews, recording podcasts, meeting developers, xbox fans and even trying out games on the show floor. If you followed him on twitter you would know. Its no wonder the industry loves the guy. Those who actually met him all had great things to say about him( media,devs&fans).My brothers friends actually took a photo with him and larry too.


Lmao. Same here dude. I'm still surprised.The guy says they even have relationships with some western devs.never knew.

Mystogan1338d ago

Holy shit this is huge. 3 exclusives from. Perfect World? As far as I know PW only makes MMO's ... Free2play ones!

mrpsychoticstalker1338d ago

This is great news. I think The Xbox will become the console of choice in China. is a very family oriented market and Microsoft knows this.

I'm sure they will use it on their advantage.

hkgamer1338d ago

chinas a totally different market, so whatever happens there would not realy afect us at all.

it is a win win sitation for ms though. if it flops over there, it doesnt really matter. if it is succesful. then they would have sold a ton of consoles. therefore $$$$$$

lfc_4eva1338d ago

I don't agree dude. China could be like the UK of the 80's. A real hotbed of talent waiting to show what they can do. And if the XB1 is in place then it has a good chance of doing well.

hkgamer1338d ago


im talking about the structure and restrictions for the console. i think the games being released needs to go through some kind of change and the publishers have to be from a chinese company i think.

unless they changed the regulations. i cant remember the exact details.

Timesplitter141338d ago

I hope their games are not as incredibly stupid and terrible as their ads

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