EA is in deep trouble in 2014

GameZone: "It’s widely believed that the Electronic Arts 2014 Press Conference was a bit of a letdown, but when it comes to their 2014 releases, it’s hard to think of a word to aptly describe how bad things are."

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F4sterTh4nFTL1342d ago

They will do fine:

The Sims 4
Battlefield: Hardline
Dragon Age: Inquisition

lemoncake1342d ago

With those they will do fine, sims 4 begins a whole new cycle of cash grabbing dlc and expansions, good times ahead for them.

patsrule3161342d ago

And Madden 15, and NHL 15. I hear they will even be selling 'Ultimate Team' editions for an extra $10. I think EA will do fine.

Joe9131342d ago

I was apart of the Battlefield: Hardline beta that ends today and that game sucks Payday 1 was a better bank robbery game they should have stuck with the warzone stuff.

Harmonizer1342d ago

You are comparing a beta with 1 map and 2 modes to a fully fleshed out game.

Payday 2 is amazing, but give Dice a chance to release all their modes first :)

DarkLord10031342d ago

EA has FIFA - that's all they really need...

Psychotica1342d ago

How many titles did they have out each of the last several years? Couldn't have been much more if at all..

mrpsychoticstalker1342d ago

Great partnership with MS they will support them.

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The story is too old to be commented.