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Submitted by sam_job 594d ago | opinion piece

3 Most Overhyped Games of 2014 So Far, Expected To Be Groundbreaking But Fell Flat On Their Faces

Here's three most hyped games of 2014 that didn't performed as expected. (Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, PC, PS3, PS4, TitanFall, Watch Dogs, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Steven3657  +   594d ago
Wow, I actually agree with this list.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   594d ago
The first part of the year was just games that were over hyped.

WD out of all those games gets my attention. "In May 2014, Ubisoft re-reveal Watch Dogs but it was not the game fans saw at E3 2012/13 instead of polishing, graphics/visuals receive massive downgrade."

And yet they defended it like we're dumb and thought we had short term memories. They actually tried telling us there were no downgrades.

Yeah and a Cow just leaped over the moon...
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TomShoe  +   594d ago

Titanfall - Lack of content and terrible matchmaking.

Watch Doge - Bad story and visual downgrades aplenty.

MGSV:GZ - The fact that Kojima was rolling around in a bathtub of money as we realized it was an extended demo.
georgeenoob  +   594d ago
Titanfall did amazing according to reviews, the top rated exclusive. People love to say Titanfall is overhyped cause it's an MS exclusive, but Metacritic states otherwise.

Titanfall is the most hated game on N4G. There's a huge reason for that: insecurity. Even before its release N4G continuously bashed the game while critics were praising it. And what a surprise, they still hate it.
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mydyingparadiselost  +   594d ago
"And yet they defended it like we're dumb and thought we had short term memories."
We are dumb with short term memories, how many games has this happened with since Killzone 2 went up on stage at E3 and showed everyone a game they would never play?
Aliens AC, BioShock Infinite, WatchDogs, Dark Souls II, Infamous SS, there's already talk of The Division getting downgraded so god only knows what was real or not at the most recent E3, this keeps happening, good game or bad, over and over and these games just sell anyway. As long as so many people keep seeing graphics as the end all be all of games we're going to be treated like idiots, and we'll keep buying the games.... Like idiots.
aiBreeze  +   594d ago
Titanfall lived up to it's hype imho. I didn't have a problem with the content either, it had plenty of maps and I think that's what is most important in a MP shooter. The matchmaking was poor though definitely and no server browser for PC is unacceptable but ultimately, once ingame, it delivered on what I wanted out of it.
johndoe11211  +   594d ago

George, come on, lets be level headed about this. Who the heck still plays titanfall? I know I don't have the game but I used to see a lot of gameplay videos all over the place. A lot of gaming channels I follow on youtube started off playing it and then after a couple of weeks they all dropped the damn game faster than a parachute with holes. I don't see any titanfall videos anymore and the general consensus by a lot of people, even big youtube gamers is that the game gets very boring, very quickly.
ShinMaster  +   594d ago
Titanfall lacked content and features. It lacked the progression and longevity that other online and FPS games have. It's even behind games like COD.

There's nothing wrong with a game being online-only.
And there's nothing wrong with a game being $60.
But if you're gonna release an online-only game and charge full price, then it better be a feature-complete package. But it wasn't.

You could tell many of the critics themselves were overhyping it. They were happy playing the same 6v6 mode with different names before and after the game launched.

Its lasting impact is weaksauce, to say the least.
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BISHOP-BRASIL  +   594d ago

Nice try dragging Sony into this, but it seens we don't have the memory as short as you think. InFamous SS and Killzone 2 looked very similar, if not better here and there, than their original E3 trailers... You want to talk about who started the overpromising trend, look no further than Gears of War. Epic literally made Penny Arcade's term "bullshot" popular.
ALLWRONG  +   594d ago
The only people who call Titanfall over hyped or overrated are PS fans. That's because they be begging for games.
alexkoepp  +   594d ago
Watch dogs for sure, titanfall is every bit as awesome as its hype - I didn't think ground zeros was a game with a lot if hype behind it. It was a little expensive but I had fun with it.
ProSid  +   594d ago
I tried out titanfall on pc cuz of the free demo they had and in all seriousness it was not that great.
memots  +   594d ago
Said it 3 days ago and got disagreed on a lot.

memots + 3d ago
please dont start hyping this game (sunset overdrive ) like one other title was .. please i beg you.

I love insomniac i have almost all their games and still looking for a Fuse disc cheap i want to try it.
But please no more overhyping a game simply because its going on one console vs the other.
The reason i bring up titanfall is all this fanboy hyping killed the game for me and left me not wanting to hear about it ever again. I recently passed on a 50% sale on origin because of that.

It was so bad that every other articles on n4g was about it and how it was the e3 winner /console seller/have you seen it/Top 10 kill/best fps evaaar, it was simply never ending.

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Clown_Syndr0me  +   594d ago
I liked Titanfall at first. But it got boring within a week and hardly touched it since.
Shame really.
HonestDragon  +   593d ago
Right now, we are the midst of the summer drought. There aren't that many notable games coming out right now and admittedly the first and second quarter of 2014 have had good releases, but it wasn't quite as abundant as 2011 or 2013. As for the three games featured here...

Titanfall: I really wanted to explore more of the mythos of this game via a single player campaign, but the damning thing about it is that there was no single player or story to be heard of. Opting to take single player out was a bad decision by Respawn. A lot of gamers and reviewers lamented on the lack of a good single player experience. Just having the game be multiplayer and even have a mission result in a "loss" (even though you can crush the other team by triple digit numbers) left a bitter taste. It's also not beginner friendly like other multiplayer games (Team Fortress 2 for example).

Watch Dogs: I haven't played this one, yet, so I can't really comment on it.

Metal Gear Solid V: This one I totally agree with. The only reason people supported this game despite its shortcomings with game length and content is because it's a Metal Gear Solid game. I played through this game and beat the "main campaign" (which is supposed to be the meat of the game) in an hour or less. That is inexcusable despite the graphics and potential with gameplay. The Phantom Pain looks much better in scope as opposed to Ground Zeroes, but this defense of Ground Zeroes' quality is a joke. No game that retail priced at thirty to forty dollars and lasts you only an hour deserves nines and tens. Even an eight is a stretch for a review score.


People aren't saying that Titanfall was overhyped because it's an Xbox exclusive. It's overhyped because it's just a good multiplayer gamer and nothing else. Metacritic be damned in this case and any case for that matter.

Titanfall is not the most hated game on N4G. Watch Dogs, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Ground Zeroes have all received their share of hate. I think you're choosing to remain a blind fanboy because Microsoft can't do anything wrong by you. smh
AndrewLB  +   593d ago
It's a lot like the way the President keeps responding to scandal after scandal with "i just learned about it in the media" or "not a smidgen of corruption" or "nothing but phony scandals".

It's the old Marxist theory that if you keep repeating a lie people will believe it.

I'm still amazed the man could actually say that there has been no wrongdoing by the IRS when they themselves admitted they illegally targeted the presidents enemies.

And much like Ubisoft... they keep repeating a lie regardless of the facts. it's pathetic in both scenarios.
aragon  +   593d ago
I still play titanfall so ofeten had it for bout 2 months and never got into it till about 2 weeks ago, and i can always find a match
dantesparda  +   593d ago
TF is definitely overrated, its a choppy, stutter, tearing mess, with bland/bad graphics and in serious need of a resolution/AA boost. And the bots are amongst the dumbest ever seen in a game. And WD has many of the same problems, weak graphics, and in serious need of higher res/better AA, not to mention AF. Both games were ridiculously overhyped and incredibly bland. MGS, I don't find as bad, don't again, I don't think was nearly as hyped as the other two games.

I know i'll get a lot of hate/disagrees from all the fanboy haters/apologist, but im just being honest. But both games all serious letdowns in my book.

And there is AndrewLB, with his usual off topic rightwing nutbag political nonsense. What an obsessed fool you are.
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Funantic1  +   594d ago
I think Infamous could have taken Titanfall's spot. Titanfall has a better score overall and higher replay value.
Why o why  +   594d ago
The hype levels dictate that titanfall's place is justified.

Read some of the articles below. Also take note of the marketing for both games.

Remember you and your kinsmens statements about how titanfall was going to put the x1 in front for the month it was released. A lot of pressure was on titanfall due to the hype bestowed upon it
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BISHOP-BRASIL  +   594d ago
The hype around it wasn't even close to what Titanfall received.
AceBlazer13  +   594d ago
Not even close, inFamous was hyped for what it was, another inFamous, if you liked past gamed you liked SS more or less. It wasn't praised as the second coming of open world games. Unlike Titanfall, you guys killed your own game with your fanboyism over hyping it and the media sure as hell didn't help. Believe the hype, yh right.
lifeisgamesok  +   594d ago
Lol @Funantic 1 I was gonna say the same thing Infamous and Killzone shadow fall should've been on this list
Shen3  +   594d ago
I don't think 'score' is relevant considering how corrupt I imagine big gaming sites are. Couple of backhand dollars from Microsoft and boom, Titanfall is a hit!

Joking aside, they were both average games. inFamous was laborious at times, with repetitive sequences which bored me to tears. Titanfall was just a CoD clone with Mechs.
Str8Chaos74  +   594d ago
How is Titanfall COD with mechs? It has a wall running and vertical element to it that COD does not have.
Malphite  +   594d ago
@Funantic1 "I think Infamous could have taken Titanfall's spot. Titanfall has a better score overall and higher replay value."

Facepalm. Comparing the replay value of a multiplayer game to that of a single player game. And as far as I remember both games were well received by critics (which has nothing to do with a game being overhyped to begin with).

@llfeisgamesok: Everybody knows that you never played those games you are talking about.
ChickenOfTheCaveMan  +   594d ago
I rarely look at critics reviews on Metacritic, I look at users rating.

ISS has 8.0 and Titanfall has 6.2
Sure there's a few positive and negative trolls, but still, those users played the game for a few hours for most part.

6.2 is very low...
ConfettiYeti  +   594d ago
Funantic1 and lifeisgamesok, the article is about hype. Infamous and Killzones hype was but a bleep in comparison to the ADs on the street and TV. You could not take 10 steps without seeing something about Titanfall and how it would revolutionize the way we played shooters. Neither Infamous or Killzone went that overboard.

Without ever touching or playing Titanfall, the game looks like it could be a lot of fun. But all reports show that yes it plays well but gets boring quick. When you put that against COD which seems to hold players in on one game for over a year. You have failed. You were touted as the next big thing. And you aren't, you're a good maybe even great game. Just over hyped. Which is the point of the article.
HonestDragon  +   593d ago
The author is talking about hype leading up to the games. Infamous: Second Son didn't really have that much hype going forward. Anticipation, yes, but not hype. Titanfall, Watch Dogs, and Metal Gear Solid V all had hype going forward. In one way or another, they disappointed a lot of people. It doesn't matter what the overall score was and replay value comes from personal impressions and investment.
dantesparda  +   593d ago
And the fanboyism never stops from the MS fanboy, eh? TF and WD were hyped to kingdom come. MGS was barely hyped by comparison. You're bitterness is showing, get a grip fannies.
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Magicite  +   594d ago
I agree with this list too, You could also add Thief and Murdered too, although not really hyped much.

@george Titanfall will be absolutely forgotten by the time next COD is released and probably COD will sell at least by 400-500% more.
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Eejanaika  +   594d ago
Titanfall was a lot of fun.
The other games however were injoyable
but could be considered over hyped
wsoutlaw87  +   594d ago
Im sure titanfall was cool but it was supposed to be the best mp experience ever, but it still hasnt gotten too popular and seemed to die of a month after it came out. That doesnt mean its bad but everyone knows that it in no way matched its hype. Im sure theyll release the next one just for next gen/pc and it will be better and have a better audience. Watch dogs was very disappointing and was not the experience most of us imagined. It lacked so much detail and depth that could have made it great.
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nosferatuzodd  +   594d ago
I agree with titan fall
And watch dog but hell no metal is not overrated
showtimefolks  +   594d ago
Titanfall to xbox fanboys was the COD killer, what are the sales by now? like less than 25% of what every COD sells

Watch dogs was good but like every game in UBI's long history. Their first game is always there to set the ground work for what's to come. AC1 to AC2, farcry 2 to far cry 3

MGS on the other hand was a demo, nothing less nothing more. So if you were paying and expecting a 10 hours game than shame on you. 2-3 hours is what many articles before the game released suggested. Even reviewers said the same

even after all that if you bought it than please don't blame anyone but yourself.

Ground Zeros will be on the same disk as MGS:5 for free most likely
r1sh12  +   594d ago
I completely agree with this list, but titanfall is actually a pretty fun game.
I absolutely hated it, but having played it during the free weekend, it was not bad.

It does get repetitive but its a game that COD gamers will love. High pace with lots of explosions and killing.
NextLevel  +   594d ago
Titanfall is by far the winner. It was touted as a the game that would revolutionise the first person shooter and gaming in general. The game was marketed as an Xbox One exclusive and the game that was the reason to buy an Xbox One. When in reality it was a cross generation title available on the PC and Xbox 360 with Xbox One version running like a last gen game with at 792p with an inconsistent framerate. The cloud was also suppose to change everything, all it produced was stable servers and nearly brain dead AI outnumbering actual players. For the Xbox One it was suppose to bring it in to competition sales wise with the PS4, it lost that months NDP and everyone after that with the numbers getting lower and lower.
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LAWSON72  +   594d ago
Did you even play the game?
mmc-007  +   594d ago
I did and he is 100% correct, the AI ruined the game
LAWSON72  +   594d ago

I disagree they just keep the action flowing they are not meant to represent a challenge. The game is PvP not PvE.

The only issue in the game is lack of variety and content. It just lacks that spark, IMO a sequel has serious potential.

The poster above just goes on about the usual AI mindless, marketing for Xbone (load of crap, because in every ad I saw it said on Xbox and PC), resolution and framerate, blah, blah dribble the PS4 fanboys say in every damn TF related article.
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ThePope  +   594d ago
I did too and hes 100% wrong. The game is fun and ingaging and NO ONE WHO PLAYS IT CARES ABOUT 792P!

I would love to do a test and have people watch videos of all the games that have different resolutions on PS4 and X1 to see if they can pick out which console the game is playing on. I bet only 25% of guesses are right, and that's just pure chance. If you cant see it by the naked eye, it doesn't matter.

To clarify I feel differently about frame rate
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   594d ago
Hell naww he didn't. Hes another fanboy, just another one.

What's fuuny is since he is one he'll get all the agrees and bubbles because hes a certain kind of fanboy.
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Timcurrey  +   594d ago
Im played it for about 15-20 hours. Its a great game but players are already dropping off. I had nights where i had to wait upto 20 mins for a game. So i just gave up
GW212  +   594d ago
I played it and I think he's right for the most part. I don't really care about the resolution in a game like this so I'll skip that part.

That said, I played the crap out of it at first but I've grown tired of it. Clearly it underperformed the hype. That's ok, it was still a good game and moved some consoles (I bought two Titanfall bundles for relatives). As you mentioned, it gets repetitive and does resemble COD with mechs. Again, nothing wrong with that as it was still fun for a while.

They need to put out a sequel that fixes current issues and adds to the already existing assets.

Fanboys need to just chill out a little. Not every game that is supposed to be a game changer is going to be one. I'm just waiting on Halo MCC.
johndoe11211  +   594d ago
OMG, that verge article was freaking hilarious. They made that game out to sound like the second coming of Christ. That is the best example of overhyping. Those articles did more damage to that game than they actually helped it. It made people want to expect too much and when they played it for themselves they realized it was not what it was made out to be by the gaming media.
SilentNegotiator  +   594d ago
You are ON TOP of posting helpful links today.
MichaelLito79  +   594d ago
@nextlevel your comments come out like a bitter fanboy. Just play the game and enjoy.
iPad  +   594d ago
I think you're confused.
Clogmaster  +   594d ago
People should play the game and enjoy, but when people who are paid to preview/review the game hype it to the end of the Earth and you're left completely let down, it's pretty important.

No one enjoys being lied to.
Bigpappy  +   594d ago
How come Shadow Falls is not on the list? That game was the biggest disappointment by a mile. Titan Falls was also hyped, but at least it delivered on most of the hype.
voodoochild346  +   594d ago
You must not have access to a calendar where you are. If you did you would know that shadow fall came out in 2013 not 2014.
SilentNegotiator  +   594d ago
y r Lair not on teh listz!?!
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DigitalRaptor  +   594d ago
"TitanFALL" by the way.... didn't deliver on the HYPE that was built up for it.

It was called "innovative". It was called a "game changer".

It was none of these things and the amount it was hyped up both by Xbox fanboys and the gaming media, and then you look at the amount that it's clearly sold on 3 platforms... was embarrassing beyond belief.

When your remove the hype and judge the game for what it is:

- Anemic content.
- Poor AI
- Performance issues
- Nearly everything in Titanfall has been done before.

Yet the reviewers went wild for it, and I'm yet to understand how this could ever have been the case, if not that they were paid to say these lies about it.

I never needed an Xbox to play that game and it's one of the most overrated games i've ever played. Not a bad game, but so, so overhyped and SOOOO overrated.
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BX81  +   594d ago
I think Titanfall lived up to the majority of the hype. It did a lot different and Titanfall 2 has a great base to start with. I think the problem is it lacked depth. Over hyped was killzone Shadowfall. Pretty game and that's about it.
GW212  +   594d ago
Eh, I disagree on that comparison. Killzone was supposed to be a pretty launch title and nothing more. It wasn't supposed to move consoles or be some game-changer. That's essentially what it was. I played the game, went "damn that's pretty, best looking console game so far" and then never finished it. Similar idea with Ryse although I'd argue Killzone looks a little better. I couldn't finish that either.

Titanfall on the other hand wasn't a launch title and was supposed to inject XB1 with some momentum on the sales front. It didn't really do that. I had fun with the game and still play it once in a while. That said, I have grown tired of it and am looking forward to Halo MCC and TLOU remaster to reinvigorate my interest in either console.
BX81  +   594d ago
Yeah I've grown tired of it as well. Traded it in a couple of weeks ago. I will say this about kz. It's one of sony's most well known exclusives so I expected more out of it. I was let down. Maybe you're correct and it wasn't supposed to much other than look good. Just my opinion though. Thanks for the response.
MRMagoo123  +   594d ago
this is about games in 2014 when was killzone released ? stop being defensive and offtopic at the same time, titanfall was a flop compared to the godly hype it had and the biggest ad campaign I have ever witnessed.
NextLevel  +   594d ago
Killzone Shadowfall is definitely a disappointing installment in the franchise. But it wasn't hyped up even close to the level Titanfall was.
lunatic0001  +   594d ago
That's the thing...people get too hyped for what the media always thinks...I never thought tf would be revolutionary...especially as overcrowded the fps genre is...there isn't much to revolutionize anymore when it comes to the fps genre...people need to stop letting the media think for for watch dogs...the same thing...people got too hyped but this one is for the graphics...since we are in a time where gamers are nothing but graphics whores...that's where all the bitching is doesn't matter if the game was fun or not...what matters is if the graphics are awesome...even though watch dog was an okay game gameplay wise...not great but okay... but like I said...all the bitching is because of graphics
showtimefolks  +   594d ago

in an xbox fanboys mind Titanfall was all that because its an exclusive(which BTW was available on pc). No way did the game live up to the high hopes of getting many E3 awards

good yes but not great. No doubt TF2 will be that much better. Respawn now know what worked and what didn't.

my question is what if TF wasn't exclusive on consoles to xbox brand, than would the game still be as hyped as it was? i seriously doubt it
memots  +   594d ago
It would not even have had half the hype it got. It was way out of hand. I played the gun on the free week-end , was fun for a few minutes, then I was rinse and repeat , probably would have been good for about 10 hours,, I'm at 225 hours on bf4 and I'm still not bored .
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   594d ago
Titanfall = Lower than expected Sales, great game

Watch Dogs = Downgraded graphics/badly optimized, still decent fun

MGS: Ground Zeroes = Horrible value for money, should have been much cheaper or a free demo
iamnsuperman  +   594d ago
Ground Zeroes was a disgrace to see. It would have made an incredibly demo or a good low price game but the starting price was insane.

Watch Dogs wasn't bad, it had good ideas and the game was generally fun. It just had some extremely odd and not well thought out design choices
DualWielding  +   594d ago
to be fair I never remember Ground Zeroes being overhyped like the last 2, people were against the idea of buying a glorified demo since the moment it was announced
aiBreeze  +   594d ago
Titanfall lower than expected sales? The game was top of the charts here in the UK for ages. It might not have shifted Xbox Ones like Microsoft was counting on but ultimately I think it matched sales expectations and probably exceeded them.
KinjoTakemura  +   594d ago
It was at the top of the charts because it was selling on multiple platforms. Most of the sales numbers for Titanfall didn't distinguish between 360, Xbox One, or PC versions. The numbers from all 3 platforms were combined in most cases.
aiBreeze  +   594d ago
^^^ And that means it had lower than expected sales how exactly? Regardless of platform, the bottom line is that it's selling.
iamnsuperman  +   594d ago
This is common knowledge the sales of titanfall didn't do what EA or Microsoft wanted. Due to the PR build up you would have expected some sort of figure being released. The fact that both EA and Microsoft (though the latter is more to do with One sales than software sales) have kept tight lipped is evident is was lower than they expected. You don't hype a game up to be a game changer and then not brag about how much of a game changer it was.

Edit: Even the most unreliable and inflated data site out their (VGchartz) tracks Titanfall at around 1.8 for the One 0.7 for 360 and 0.2 for PC. They total 2.9 million and they tend to be a bit ambitious with sales
#3.3.3 (Edited 594d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(3) | Report
pandaboy  +   594d ago
How can you say ground zeroes is horrible value and not titanfall? It had a nonexistent singleplayer and felt more like a free to play shooter with it's appalling lack of content and charging full retail price no less!
Speak_da_Truth  +   594d ago
I remember TItanfall the game that was gonna do what CoD4 did LOL
Funky Town_TX  +   594d ago
What did COD do?
2pacalypsenow  +   594d ago
COD 4 Revolutionized online FPS almost every fps today has some element from COD4 .

No matter how many people disagree its true
#4.1.1 (Edited 594d ago ) | Agree(32) | Disagree(10) | Report
iamnsuperman  +   594d ago
COD4 did a lot to revolutionise and commercialise gaming. It made gaming fun for the masses with its high accessibility.
#4.1.2 (Edited 594d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(2) | Report
ThePope  +   594d ago
No Halo did all that. The only thing COD added was customization. While nice thats not a revolution
BX81  +   594d ago
@2pac. I strongly disagree. Halo did that. Cod set record sales and people wanted to clone aspects of the game hoping to clone sales numbers as well.
Biggest  +   594d ago
"I strongly disagree. Halo did that. Cod set record sales and people wanted to clone aspects of the game hoping to clone sales numbers as well."

Which is the point he was making. Modern Warfare changed the game. Halo was a revolution when it was introduced. Modern Warfare was the latest revolution. Halo was. . . Modern Warfare IS. Titanfall was supposed to be and was not even close.
MRMagoo123  +   594d ago
COD4 was THE fps of the gen, it still is better than any fps released so far, halo is the be all and end all for fanboys.
user5669510  +   594d ago
wait what did cod do besides giving addictive mp everything had been done. even socom had customizations for guns and stuff. what perk i thinks someone did that

imma go with what he said >>>BX81
the respawn are the creators of cod remember they sued activision. the made MW. wtf do people be smoking. thats like saying why destiny remind me of halo. why does heavy rain remind me of indigo prophecy
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Funky Town_TX  +   594d ago
Don't believe the hype. Just about all dev/pub of a new IP will hype a game. Titanfall looked weak from the jump. Watchdogs looked good at the E3 2013 conference, but that was all smoke and mirrors (shame on UBI). Other than infamous SS that has zero replay value 2014 has been bad so far. I hope the end of the year will be better.
Sayburr  +   594d ago
I have to agree with Infamous SS. I played through that entire game in a weekend and thought it was just OK. I have no desire to play it more. I guess a lot of "OK" games get extra hype because there are so few games actually available to new systems.
Sayburr  +   594d ago
Titanfall - Didn't do much for me. Found it fun at first, but I have never been much of a multiplayer type, so I was just outclassed in every way and the fun ran out for me pretty quickly. Now, if you played multiplayer and formed a "team" to fight other teams, it might be one of the greatest... but, I shouldn't have bought a game without a single-player game. My fault in getting caught up in the hype.

Watch Dogs - Still enjoying the game, but it does seem to be missing "something". When I played GTA V on the 360 I looked forward to getting home to play the game... this one, I just don't think "I am going to try [this or that] when I get home". With this game I look at my list of games before deciding what to play.

MGS: Ground Zero - Once I heard of the length, I knew I wouldn't buy... I watched the video walkthrough on IGN to see if I wanted it afterall, and decided it looked awful. So, I have never played it.
Malphite  +   594d ago
I agree with a lot of what you've said even though I'd probably rate Watch Dogs a little higher. It really didn't disappoint me cause I probably wasn't as hyped for it as the majority. In the end it's actually one of my favorite games of the year so far.

Titanfall didn't grab me like other multiplayer games did before, so I stopped playing it like two months ago. I had my fun with it though so I wouldn't nessessarily call it disappointing. Maybe a little overhyped though.

Can't comment on Ground Zeroes as well as I didn't play it. I think Phantom Pain looks awesome though.
showtimefolks  +   594d ago

That's the thing man, we knew ground zeroa was so short so why waste money on it. People knew it was that short yet still bought it than complained about the Length

watch dogs wasn't as much fun no doubt, i finished it and it had the most basic story i have ever seen in a open world game with this sort of budget and advertisement. No twists, you know who the Villan is and that's all

such a basic concept also chicago was boring for me personally

Titanfall was nothing but over hyped
patrik23  +   594d ago
i don't know how titanfall won so many e3 awards last year
Aces17  +   594d ago
In short playing times it's really fun and exciting game, but after playing for awhile you notice the lack of content in the game.
GW212  +   594d ago
Yup, you nailed it.
PickAShoe  +   594d ago
the hype train was too powerful.
RoboticusRex  +   594d ago
Ground zeroes is not a "game". It was a demo that cost money.
#8 (Edited 594d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
cruzngta  +   594d ago
Hey hey now... dont be hatin' on dat 792p wit INSANE textures and screen tearing!!!! Seriously, where the hell is the performance patch they were supposed to release a long time ago. If it ever comes out it is too late already. The hype for this game was unreal but now you dont hear much about it anymore. I hope the next game they make is a better product with a real single player campaign AND offline bot mode so you at least get your moneys worth.
TheFallenAngel  +   594d ago
But have you seen titanfall?
Good game but gets boring quick. Not too many fun modes to play with.
LAWSON72  +   594d ago
IMO it could learn a thing or two from Halo with BTB gamemodes and maps while also having the usual 4v4 or 6v6 maps and modes. Even BF could teach it a thing or two like have big maps that can be turned into various sizes for certain gametypes. TF would be kicka** with a Rush style mode.
#10.1 (Edited 594d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
our_games_are_art  +   594d ago
I bought MGSGZ for 20$ on psn great value for me. I needed metal gear on my ps3. I sold MGS 4 long ago and needed my fix. Kojima-san knew this and obliged.
colt-of-tipton  +   594d ago
The only problem with TitanFall and the reason most people play it less now is simply the lack of content such as weapons and customization for both the player and titans if the game had these huge array of options I don't think its exaggerating that it is the "COD KILLER" because the core gameplay is superb IMO.
Spotie  +   594d ago
You can't kill COD or anything else with idiot AI and a lack of content.
Illusive_Man  +   594d ago
Infamous is pretty meh and fell off like a rock on Mt. Everest.
#13 (Edited 594d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
DigitalRaptor  +   594d ago
inFamous is not in the article because Titanfall, Watch_Dogs and Ground Zeroes were a lot more "meh".

But it's quite clear that you're only here to talk about inFamous cause you're insecure about your lovely Titanfall getting the worthy mention.
claudionmc  +   594d ago
I finally played Titanfall on PC this weekend... and I cannot imagine myself paying US%15+ for this game... I even think that COD: Ghost is a better game, in campaign and of course multiplayer, with a lot of more weapons, game modes, players amount per match, habilities, etc...

I really, really cannot understand how someone could possibly give Titanfall a 10/10 score
ghostface9  +   594d ago
wow you gotta be some kind of sony pony to say cod ghost is better than titanfall cod gets worse every year and has been terrible since modern warfare 2
claudionmc  +   593d ago
It gets worse every year (my favorite was MW2), and I don't play COD Ghost anymore... but it still bored me less than Titanfall... it is amazing that someone could play titanfall for more than 2 days and keep having fun
corvusmd  +   594d ago
Oh come on, clearly fanboy click bait. Titanfall does not belong on this list at all. It' STILL selling rather well considering that it's been out since March 11 (right now at a nearly 2:1 ratio with then why isn't inFamous on this list? Wasn't infamous supposed to crush this game?) Every time I play there is a solid mix of maxed Gen 10's and brand new recruits and everywhere in there is still a solid mix of players. Last I heard, as of late May TF on X1 alone was at 1.86 million copies. Pretty good considering many on here want to say that X1 has sold half the amount as PS4, yet infamous is still an easy half mil behind TF on X1.

The game is awesome...get over it, you can stop all the pathetic hate now...every time someone writes something like this it just screams fanboy rage. (If the game just simply doesn't appeal to you, you just wouldn't play it, and if you were going by numbers...then there are other games that fail much much much harder).

(That being said, I don't think Watch Dogs belongs on here either).

If there is a fall off on people playing it, it's simply because all played the hell out of it non stop, then when we maxed out, we are waiting for more content and catching up on other games in the meantime...I don't play it much right now, but I still love the game. It must be miserable to be a fanboy...and miss out on great games because they don't have the right logo on them.
#15 (Edited 594d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
Chevalier  +   594d ago

People got bored with Titanfall because it lacked content and deserves to be on there just due to overhype and okay sales do not change fact that it undersold considering the advertising it had behind it. It couldn't even help MS win in the U.K or U.S. for the month it released so yeah it did fail in someways, but, your a blind Xbox fanboy so you wouldn't know. It's too bad their sales would have been great if they had put it on PS4 they'd at least have more sales to show for their effort.

Also you should post your PSN user name if you in fact own a PS4 like you claim. Regardless your opinion that it's hate is just idiotic fanboyism spewing from you. The game has dumb AI, no SP, not enough maps or Titans because they want to sell you those separately. Just awesome how other people are fanboys, but, you aren't. Please go reread all your own fanboy comments then. Thanks for the laugh, your truly idiotic comments always make me laugh.
DigitalRaptor  +   594d ago
You should know exactly why Titanfall is on here, just like we all know why you REALLY think it shouldn't be.

You are a joke. No official numbers have come from EA or Microsoft regarding Titanfall, so I don't know where you're getting your numbers from. You are probably using VGChartz "estimates" to compare it to inFamous: Second Son. Either that or you subscribe to MrXMedia or something.

You have no idea how poorly Titanfall has sold. All you need to know is that EA and MS are too concerned to reveal the official figures for us to see.

And considering inFamous: Second Son is on one platform, and Titanfall was on 3 platforms with a monumental marketing budget, I don't see how you can even begin to use that as some kind of point. But of course, since when do you make good points? ;)


"The game is awesome...get over it, you can stop all the pathetic hate now...every time someone writes something like this it just screams fanboy rage"

Fanboy rage? Fanboy rage would have been making an article dedicated to Titanfall rather than making a list of multiplats. You are just insecure that the exclusive games on a console you don't own aren't on this list, as evidenced by your continual mention of inFamous. Really salty, that.

Titanfall was overhyped compared to the final product that doesn't justify any of it. Get over it!
#15.2 (Edited 594d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Maxor  +   594d ago
There is plenty of room on this list for Destiny.
#16 (Edited 594d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
PickAShoe  +   594d ago
It's not out yet.
KinjoTakemura  +   594d ago
That has to be the most accurate list I have ever seen posted on this sight. I completely agree.
breakpad  +   594d ago
i agree with the first 2 games but not with MGSV ..i played and finished MGS V, KillzoneSF, and inFamous SSon .. and the last 2 never touched them again ....but i m always returning in MGS V no matter its size , is so well made and makes you want to finish it 100%, lot of hours to spend on it
#18 (Edited 594d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
lfc_4eva  +   594d ago
I've been playing Titanfall since launch and its the best bang since the big one. People giving it a hard time are mostly PS4 fans who've not played it or barely played it. So your opinion counts for zero.
jnemesh  +   594d ago
Nice H2G2 reference, but the XB1 has nothing on Eccentrica Gallumbits!
lfc_4eva  +   594d ago
Yeah couldn't resist :-)

XB1 is on par with a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. hehehehehe.
ocelot07  +   594d ago
What about all the people who have played it on 360 and PC? You do know its available for 2 other platforms other than XB1 right?

I have it on PC. I think it had potential but it just go so boring after a match or 2. I actually played COD Ghost more than it and that is saying something.
lfc_4eva  +   594d ago
You do know I didn't mention playing on XB1?
I've got it on pc too and played it tonnes. One of the best multiplayer games since gears2 and mw2.

Can't believe you've played Ghosts more, its just not cricket.
ocelot07  +   594d ago
Sadly I have played Ghosts more and that also got boring. But it took me a month to get bored of it. What am trying to say here is sure there are some PS3/4 fans out there that bash it without playing it. But believe it or not there is actually people that have played it and didn't like it.

I bought it because of the hype. I thought giant mechs ect fantastic. But it just turned out to be a COD game with mechs. I think the thing that mostly got to me is the AI. They are god awful. Possibly the worse AI I have ever seen in gaming. Why could they not of just scraped the AI and implanted more players? As 6v6 is rubbish. 10 vs 10 without bots would of made the game more fun.
jnemesh  +   594d ago
Sunset Overhype isn't on the list? Seriously, that game gets FAR more coverage than other games of it's type. Now, according to Spencer, it's going to "save" the XB1! Simply CAN NOT WAIT to see sales figures on this one!
Provolone24  +   594d ago
But guys everyone knows Titanfall is the greatest game in all of games in the history of games and all games out of any game...ever.
#21 (Edited 594d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
CrowbaitBob  +   594d ago
Alternatively everyone knows that Titanfall is the worst game in all of games in the history of games and all games out of any game...ever.

One coin, two sides occupied by idiots.
Provolone24  +   594d ago
lol I didn't say Titanfall is a bad game. I played it. It was a good time for about 3 hours. It was just severely overhyped. Overhyped does not equal bad.
ocelot07  +   594d ago
I agree with Titanfall and Watch Dogs. But MGS GZ really? We all knew it was going to be very short. We all knew it was just going to be a taste of MGS5. It was not hyped up at all really (compared to the likes of Titanfall and Watch Dogs).

Personally I would replace MGS and put Elder Scrolls Online (even though I like it) or Wolfenstien.
GodGinrai  +   594d ago
Titanfall does not reinvent the wheel but its a cracking MP FPS, by all accounts. I love it. Havent played watchdogs....MGS was ok...
urwifeminder  +   594d ago
Titanfall was exactly what I thought it would be did not really notice the hype was too caught up in the hype really enjoyed it.
Gore-Content  +   594d ago
So true. 100% agreed.
CrowbaitBob  +   594d ago
People around here really love to hate on Titanfall.

It's funny how I see all these comments about "nobody plays Titanfall" yet it seems like everyone has an opinion about the game. That's alright though, I'm sure a few videos on youtube are all anyone needs to see in order to form an informed opinion on pretty much any topic.

That said, I really feel like Respawn screwed up by not shipping a single player campaign. The game's long term success may exist solely in multiplayer, but a single player component is what helps to initiate new users in the experience. The Multiplayer only focus is what screwed Titanfall, IMO.
S2Killinit  +   594d ago
Titan fall was an ok game. the problem is that its put on a really high pedestal which it doesn't deserve. otherwise its not a "bad" game.
Yetter  +   594d ago
no, its a great game. If it was multiplat people would recognize that.
claudionmc  +   593d ago
@Yetter... it IS multiplat, I played it in Xbox 360 and later on PC to play it with Max settings... still bored as hell after 3+ hours of play
Harmy666  +   594d ago
1. Titanfall - AMAZING game, still playing it to this day.

2. Watch_Dogs - Great game, solid mechanics, and the graphics aren't as back as people say

3. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero - Never played it, but from what I've heard, it was far too short. Graphically it looks brilliant, though.
Yetter  +   594d ago
The only game that I agree with is Watchdogs. Didn't expect MGS to be anything special, and Titanfall absolutely lived up to my expectations. I still play a few matches every night
modesign  +   594d ago
haha watchdogs sold over 4 million, hype well worth it.
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