Crytek Focusing on Homefront IP’s ‘Potential’

Homefront, which was originally a THQ IP, was bought by Crytek when the publisher went under in late 2012. Crytek UK had already been commissioned to create Homefront 2 for THQ, but they managed to nab the intellectual property for just $544,218 when the inevitable happened. However, because Homefront didn’t sell too well originally, that wasn’t necessarily a great deal, because the game requires a lot of marketing to make up for the bad taste it may have left in gamers’ mouths.

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Rob Hornecker1490d ago

I really enjoyed the 1st homefront. Although it didn't end up as popular as the battlefield series and wasn't run and gun enough as any CoD game at the time,it did offer a great single player story and VERY good mutliplayer right from launch.

I will be looking forward to hearing more on homefront 2 and seeing whats to come for it in 2015.

urwifeminder1490d ago

Yeah I enjoyed Homefront but not as much as Frontlines the multi player was a nice change felt more dynamic, you did not get flanked and shot in the back every time you spawn.