The Division Graphics May Be Pushed Even More On PC; Survival Mode Under Consideration

According to Game Director Ryan Barnard, The Division isn't in any danger of a graphics downgrade - in fact, on PC you might even push it further than what was demonstrated so far.

Massive is also considering a Survival Mode for the game.

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F4sterTh4nFTL1633d ago

Just make sure it also runs much better than Watch Dogs.

Alexious1633d ago

Yeah, that's important as well

mikeslemonade1633d ago

Ubisoft is garbage. All they do is make above average games. The Division's stock fell as much as Destiny's stock raised in E3 this year. Becoming my top 5 most anticipated games it has fell out of my top 10.

AngelicIceDiamond1633d ago

At first this game was a PS4 and X1 title only. Now they're fully embracing PC.

In this particular case TD doesn't have last gen anchoring them down like WD did.

F4sterTh4nFTL1633d ago

I think that may very well be the case. Watch Dogs was compromised by the Last-gen versions of the game. Assassin's Creed Unity and The Division are the real true Next-Gen titles from Ubisoft.

Alexious1633d ago

Indeed, which is why I don't find it so hard to believe that the game will look like that.

TekoIie1633d ago

The devs actually talked about optimization for the PC version.


BattleAxe1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

"Just make sure it also runs much better than Watch Dogs."

Just make sure you're using a Nvidia GPU, problem solved.

starchild1633d ago

I guess that might be true. I'm using a GTX 770 and the game runs fine for me.

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kaiserfranz1633d ago

Good thing I'm upgrading to GTX 780Ti. I want to play this and The Witcher 3 at max settings and smoothly.

R6ex1633d ago

You may be disappointed if it doesn't max settings at 1080p60fps. Even the overclocked 780 Tis can't do that for Crysis 3. I'm not surprised if Division & Witcher are more demanding. GTX 880 may have a chance though.

kaiserfranz1633d ago

What? Crysis 3 isn't that demanding, I played it at about 30FPS maxed with a GTX 680. Anyway I'm also thinking of a GSYNC monitor, which helps with fluctuating frame rate

kingduqc1633d ago

R6ex, please. A 780 ti does 67 fps in 1980*1200...

in high setting in 1440p (86% more pixels then full 1080p) get 63 fps..

--bienio--1633d ago

Same me!! Upgrade my rig end of the year cant wait!!

Aurenar1633d ago

Watch Dogs docet. We'll see.

uth111633d ago

one man's graphics push is another man's visual downgrade

Roccetarius1633d ago

If they don't push it more on PC, then we'll probably find something hidden in a file. It's going to backfire on them just like Watch Dogs.

user56695101633d ago

i doubt theyre telling the truth ubisoft have been funny these last couple of years. i wonder how they got another contract with nvidia after watch dogs hidden file blow out. do stuff to make sure pc s from a few years ago doesnt make next gen console looks bad is a low blow. most of these publishers are the scum.

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The story is too old to be commented.