Activision confirms Destiny's Playstation Exclusive content will remain exclusive until "fall 2015"

Activision has told Eurogamer that Destiny's PlayStation-exclusive content will remain exclusive until "fall 2015".


Activision has contacted Eurogamer again to retract it's earlier comments and state that, for now, it has yet to formally announce any details regarding the Destiny content's timed exclusivity.

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ArchangelMike1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

We knew this already didn't we? This isn't new 'news' is it though? This is now standard practice in our video game industry, we just have to get used to it, or pay up for both (all?) consoles so that we are affected either way.

Nitrowolf21549d ago

it was rumored, this is just an official statement

jackanderson19851549d ago

now it's back to being a rumor ha good auld activision

blitz06231549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

They are waiting for Sony's or Microsoft's check to clear. If Sony's clears first it will be exclusive until Fall 2015. If MS goes first, it will be exclusive only for a short while. Until then, no formal announcement can be made.

AngelicIceDiamond1549d ago

It was rumored now its been confirmed. Money hatted for an entire year it seems.

mikeslemonade1549d ago

Haha the fact that Bungie is making games for PS4 and there's bluray inside the X1 lol :D

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ArchangelMike1549d ago

ermm.. well... that was quick!!!

SilentNegotiator1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

LOL, you have been vindicated; this is now no more than what we already knew.

Although now we have a new interesting story:
Why the heck would Activision retract a statement like that?

user14394141549d ago

Playstation have once again proved dominance in this CONSOLE WAR. XoXo

Yo Mama1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

@ Blitz0623

Ha. No, Sony has already paid and signed the longterm exclusivity agreement. Activision just retracted it because it wasn't their place to announce how long the DLC would remain exclusive to Sony. It should have been Sony's news to announce.

Magicite1549d ago

I think by the time it expires, not many will care.

Funantic11549d ago

We're talking about DLC not a game here. So what. It could be something unimpressive. Overhyped DLC now? I know something or two about Bungie's DLC from playing Halo in the past. They'll give you a little bit and call it God's greatest gift. And Destiny is an exact clone of the Halo formula. Destiny is no more different from Halo than Halo 3 is from Halo 1. Bungie is still stuck on Halo. And they overhype everything but not intentionally. I'll give them that. It's only because they're geeks who really get aroused over that sci fi stuff. They get all excited and get you excited too only for a letdown.

ArchangelMike1549d ago

Dude, so many errors in your statements, I can't understand your angle.

Destiny might have the Halo dna, but no one who has played both can say "Destiny is an exact clone of the Halo formula..." Last time I checked, Halo was not an MMOFPS. And Destiny is so much more 'different' than Halo 1 and Halo 3.

All that you are proving is that you did not play the Alpha. No fault on your part, it was a limited and closed Alpha. What I will suggest is that you hold on a little bit and play the Beta. I can be sure, that you will be pleasantly surprised by just how good it is.

lelo1549d ago

I'm surprised Activision and Sony signed for a full year of timed exclusive content. That's quite a long time for timed exclusive content. Microsoft must not be happy... imagine if they go for a full year on timed exclusive content for COD?

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XiSasukeUchiha1549d ago

Oh damn so that long indeed and guess what shots fired for Xbox COD dlc first every month.

XiNarutoUzumaki1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Fortunately, there's a product for those desperate Xbox Fans who can't wait 12 months for this content.

It's called The PS4!
Sorry, but Deal With It!

JBSleek1549d ago

People pick certain consoles due to the certain exclusive stuff in mulitplatform games? Weird way to choose.

NemesisAU1549d ago

I dont have a ps4 yet only an xbox1 but its people like you who make me not want to get one get over yourself fanboy

rdgneoz31549d ago

"People pick certain consoles due to the certain exclusive stuff in mulitplatform games?"

Besides exclusives, some people picked certain consoles because for $100 less (at the start and now the same price), you got better looking multiplats. Extra content is just an added bonus.

And the "Deal with it" is a play on what MS themselves said to customers...

xJumpManx1549d ago

its not the console I have issue with its the controller for FPS games. The triggers on the X1 are just perfect for FPS and raving games.

cee7731549d ago

where were you guys last gen when 10 to 20 extra pixels,2 frames per second and 30 days exclusive content was all the rage with the xbox fanboys.

Now it's 100's of pixels, sometimes double the frames and or no drops, A years exclusive content.

The tables have turned this gen.

Remember it all started last gen with GTA IV and Call of Duty.

marlinfan101549d ago

Why would anyone buy a console for timed exclusive content? Its a plus if its for your console but its definitely not worth buying one. I've got both consoles and I'm still getting destiny on xbox

gjruk1549d ago

When will you or your friend make a constructive comment. Instead of pure fan boy biased comments against the Xbox one. I'm sure your both the same person to be honest. How you've both not been banned indefinitely from this site is beyond me.

Spotie1549d ago

Ask all those people who played Call of Duty in Xbox because it got all the dlc first. Microsoft even advertised that little advantage.

Now, suddenly, it's no longer something people decide by?

You Xbox fanboys are a trip. Your memory doesn't seem to extend beyond a week.

Swiggins1549d ago

Are you schizophrenic or something, you're having a conversation with're not fooling anybody.

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falviousuk1549d ago

yes, I'm going to buy a £350 console just for some extra guns, and models.

No thank you, timed exclusive DLC is not a good deal for customers, its a marketing PR which really needs to go away.

DigitalRaptor1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Whichever way you look at it, there are a lot of ignorant consumers out there. When Destiny is marketed as a PlayStation game, there will be a lot of people that see it as an exclusive or a primarily PlayStation game. PS4 is already wiping the floor with Xbone in global sales (every region, in fact), and this kind of deal (especially when the early buzz comes from alpha and beta demos), it's just going to secure the momentum flow. It's completely exclusive in Japan to boot.

I don't agree that it's a good practice, but when it was Microsoft's modus operandi practically all of last-gen, I don't know why the same people who enjoyed these perks on the 360 can complain.

p.s. the extra content includes "a competitive multiplayer map, three-player co-op mission called Strike Mission, some weapons and gear as well as three space craft." http://www.lightninggamingn...

ArchangelMike1549d ago

It was the "only first of Xbox360..." marketing campaign of last gen that set this trend. Call of Duty became synonymous with the xbox brand. Xbox fans prided themselves on these types of practices, and as a result they have now become standard industry practice. Playstation just happened to get a really good exclusive deal this time round.

Dewitt1549d ago

I'm guessing no one read the update?

MasterCornholio1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Edit: Whoops my bad. Well it isn't confirmation of anything then. It could be true but they haven't confirmed nor denied it. All we know is that the content is exclusive for a limited time on the PS4.

ArchangelMike1549d ago

Have you seen Sony's response though

we can interprete "long term exclusive partnership" however we want, but it is confirmation of long term exclusives coming to the PS4.

Rob_Ko1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

instead og bitching about exclusive content on playstation,
just buy a PS4, have superior console, enjoy extra content, and thank me later.

IcicleTrepan1549d ago

I have both systems, and preordered Destiny on PS4. I still think exclusive content is stupid.


exclusive content is stupid...

Timed exclusive content that is not really going to be exclusive is even dumber!!

rdgneoz31549d ago

@Dark Witness Tell that to MS when they spent $50 mill on GTA 4 timed DLC.


That my friend was possibly the very best example I can think of.

HugoDrax1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )


I have both systems, and I preordered the White PS4 Destiny Bundle console from Amazon. I'm buying/downloading Destiny for my XB1, and selling or trading in my PS4 copy to someone. I didn't like using the dual shock controller when I was playing the Alpha, so XB1 version it is. Although, using the touchpad to bring up (GUILTY SPARK) will be better than whatever Bungie plans on using for the XB1 version. Plus I have more friends on xbox live, than I do PSN.

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ScareFactor1549d ago

You are right about it being a superior console when it comes to power, but in the games department it is lacking right now, unless you count indies. Xbox doesn't either but their exclusives interest me more. The PS4 has a ton of games that are better graphically than the gameplay.

Also, console power won't mean much because they won't completely gimp the competitions version.

Extra content is nothing, it is never worth buying the game for a another console just to get another mission, gun, etc...

Gamble201549d ago

"But in the games department it is lacking right now"

Xbox One has just as many AAA games as the PS4, and less indie games. If you prefer XB1 games that's fine but it is certainly your opinion. The facts do not agree that PS4 has any sort of AAA game discrepancy.

"PS4 has a ton of games that are better graphically than the gameplay"

Both systems suffers from this. I don't really see how you can argue XB1 has any less than PS4.

"Console power doesn't mean much because they won't completely gimp the competitions version"

If the systems cost the same, why would consumers choose the inferior option? (Graphically speaking)

"Extra content is nothing"

Maybe it isn't worth much. I do not disagree that it has very little impact on my own personal decision making. However, if you are talking about two systems at the same price point with almost the same specs, it is a difference to a consumer on the fence.

ArchangelMike1549d ago

So ermm... why did you pre0order the White Destiny bundle for PS4 again???

You sound... confused 0.o

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