WWE 2K15 Roster: 10 NXT Superstars Who Must Be Included

WC writes: NXT is sure to have a greater presence than ever before in the WWE video games starting with WWE 2K15 at the end of this year. Here’s our pick of the top ten NXT stars we want to be stepping into the boots of come October 28th.

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Exies71272d ago

Really wish actual news or information would be released. 4 Months away from release and little information makes me nervous.

BALLARD321272d ago

The least they could do is show a trailer. I'm anxious to see how big of a leap the series is gonna take on the new consoles.

Exies71272d ago

A trailer would be nice, or even just a few screenshots.

creatchee1272d ago

I know it's too late, but The Vaudevillains would be amazing. The entrance alone. Plus the squat thrusts and handshakes.

likeaboss3021272d ago

Tyler Breeze better be in the game! Next-gen HBK!

1272d ago