CGM Previews: Lords of the Fallen

Bandai Namco was cagey enough to publish From Software’s Dark Souls series when Sony dropped the ball on the original Demon’s Souls, mistakenly believing that a Western audience wouldn’t like the brutally challenging game in sufficient numbers. Three games and numerous awards later, From Software has been vindicated, and Bloodborne is a PS4 exclusive. However, unlike FPS games, these challenging dungeon crawlers don’t come out every few months to slake the thirst of addicts. This is where the Polish and German development partners CI Games and Deck 13 Interactive come in. While it may have been the Japanese that blazed a trail in “super hard action RPG dungeon crawling games that incite stress-related heart conditions in players,” the genre is by no means strictly Asian. Lords of the Fallen is a Western take on this type of game, and Bandai Namco finally let journalists have a chance to play the game at E3.

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Aon1637d ago

This is very good article. A lot of great game was presented on E3 and one of this which I'm interested was Lords of the Fallen. I envy people which can play on demo:( I can not wait when Gop says something more about release date.

fenome1637d ago

This is another game I can't wait to get my hands on.

This Fall is gonna be crazy! Destiny and DA: Inqusition are releasing a month apart and I see myself dumping HUGE hours into those two alone. The dry spell is almost over my friends, get ready for a flood.

sdozzo1637d ago

While I can't wait the E3 stuff was just so so.

riverside6661637d ago

I'd rather wait a while, and get information that will not be changed when it comes to the issue date, in spite of everything I expect a lot from this game, and I hope that I will not have to wait long for her.

Aon1635d ago

They want to releasd this game on this year so they must to be near the end. I wait so much for information about release date but allways Gop says: this year:P