Halo: The Master Chief Collection is pure fan service

There aren't a huge number of people still playing Halo online. Franchise custodians 343 know this. And ahead of the launch of Halo 5: Guardians, potentially the biggest Xbox One exclusive yet, it's time to do something about it.

343's answer is to release a game packed to bursting point with Halo fan service, tap into the wide-eyed nostalgia so many of us have for Halo 2, and throw in access to an early version of the next major game in the blockbuster first-person shooter franchise. That's what Halo: The Master Chief Collection is; the video game to spark the Halo community back to life.

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ThePope1487d ago

The questions is do I download it, which is my plan with most games, or do I get a physical copy?

I love saying "Xbox go to, game".

0P-Tigrex1487d ago Show
darthv721487d ago say "Xbox go to, game" on your PS4????

0P-Tigrex1487d ago Show
3-4-51487d ago

Your really trying to download ALL of them ?

Do you know how much of your HD will be taken up by this collection.

Aren't other games like 20-40 GB ?

This could be much more than that.

1487d ago
ThePope1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

@Tigrex, try saying "Xbox go to, game" (or PS4 in your case) walking into the living room with a beer and some snacks. The headset is not even close in terms of convience compared to the Kinect. Plus who wants to wear a headset all the time??

@3-4-5 Yes I like having all my games in one place. And when I'm done with it I can uninstall it and download it again if I want to play it again.

4Sh0w1486d ago

Yep it's really awesome fan service. I love it.

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vega2751487d ago

Day one buy for me and my bro.

Edvin19841487d ago

So pumped can't wait for this aaahhhh lol. Halo one MP is going to be a blast from the past.

urwifeminder1487d ago

Don't play Halo cause I packed up the 360 , will be playing day one same as Sunset although not sure when they release.

IanVanCheese1487d ago

Sunset is October 28th, Halo MCC is November 11th.

XiNarutoUzumaki1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

I dunno why Xbox fans have the need to compare eveyrthing. I mean, how does comparing The Last of Us, which is a new IP, remastered to a remaster of a critically acclaimed series like Halo,which has already like 6 games released, makes sense? ( Sorry for the Run-on sentence lol)

Of course Master Chief collection has more content. It has all the main series packed in one disk. How does this remaster make TLOU Remaster look like a ripoff is TLOU is a new IP?

gamerfan09091487d ago

It's fair to compare the value just like with any game put out. I don't think you should compare the games in quality, though. Two entirely different games. I don't classify them in the same class to be honest. One is a like a greatest hits compilation with literally hundreds of hours of gameplay and the other is a remade PS3 game with better graphics and better frame rate.

Artista 1487d ago

Halo one is more than a decade old. Halo two is about a decade old. 3 is also years old get my drift? As for TLOU, has it even been a year since it released on PS3?

No need for comparisons tho'.

DougLord1487d ago

TLOU is like buying last year's big blockbuster on Blueray after you already bought it on DVD.

HMCC is like getting all the Indiana Jones movies remastered on BlueRay from the studio film when all you had before was 1 & 2 on VHS and 3 & 4 on DVD.

Immorals1487d ago

Well said! Have a bubble.

1487d ago
spicelicka1487d ago

It's not xbox fans comparing, it seems like just a regular industry comparison. Halo MCC should be compared to all remasters and re-releases because it's actually doing something amazing. It just so happens that TLOU is the only big remaster releasing at this time.

I hate to do comparisons myself but halo 4 was released just 6 months before TLOU and the MCC includes the full halo 4 game with, halo 1,2,3 in HD, with halo 2 being remade practically, and with all multiplayer modes intact. It's just so much its insane. It should be a lesson for all re-released and remasters.

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Edvin19841487d ago

Yeah, SunSet and MC Collection is on my radar.

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