Playstation Vita: Sony’s Neglected System

'Sony’s E3 press conference was incredibly sparse for Vita announcements or news, besides a little bit on Vita TV and Playstation Now. It was basically relegated to a controller for the PS4, with not a single Vita game shown during the conference.'

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randomass1711550d ago

It's certainly not neglected in Japan, and a number of those Japanese games are indeed getting localized, so I think Vita will be okay in the long run.

DualWielding1549d ago

I think NISA, XSEED and Aksys would continue to support the Vita in the west bringing games from the likes of compile hearts and idea factory... However I would like to see a little more support from Capcom, SEGA, Konami and Square-Enix who even in Japan has not been very active on Vita, specially on comparison with 3DS

randomass1711549d ago

Agreed. Vita deserves better support than what it is getting, but it is still a viable platform and still has content coming to it. I'm a strong believer of "It ain't over 'till it's over" and it isn't over for Vita yet.

explicitbaron1549d ago

Sadly the PSVita is neglected and I don't know why. If they would treat it like a mobile phone and an archive it would be selling well. Put every old PS1, PS2 game on it, add more apps, add the mobile games that are becoming popular. Rockstar has remastered their GTA games for IOS, put those on Vita. The Vita could become moderately successful if Sony would support it. The PSP was successful and it didn't that many good games, there is no excuse the PSV can't be with all its power.

1549d ago
DivineAssault 1549d ago

There were some games at E3 for vita yet the press conference neglected to mention them... That kinda pisses me off because i love my vita & it seems to be left out of any advertisement.. Its not just some companion device to the PS4... Its a very nice handheld that needs some love from AAA devs.. I know they need to sell more units to make the investment but how can more units be sold if theres no support?! Sony needs to take some risks & let their devs make some good games.. Killzone was really great on it so i know it has potential

1549d ago

The only game on vita I actually really like is soul sacrifice. All the other games don't keep my attention to long. It needs games unique to the system like soul sacrifice not ps3 ports

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