Disney Infinity 2.0 hands-on: Marvel Super Heroes is super improved | GameZone

Gamezone's Lance Liebl: "I can't wait for this game. I play it a ton with my son, be it in the Play Sets or just messing around in Toy Box. Seriously, he could just run around in a Toy Box and have me chase him for hours. Now with templates and procedurally generated environments and interiors, it's allowing us to do so much more with minimal effort. Disney Interactive really listened to the complaints from the first game and have made the necessary changes, and I couldn't be more excited."

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herobyclicking1637d ago

I can feel my wallet being sucked into this as we speak. I have to avoid the ads to keep from falling prey. After all, Ammibo is imminent.

Spooney3231637d ago

My body is ready. My wallet on the other hand.... Is not. (Insert sad face here)

Nodoze1637d ago

Nintendo needs to ink a deal with Disney to allow Amiibo to function within Infiniy. Would be an amazing cross promotional deal that would be a win win.