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I Want Destiny To Fail

An opinion piece via EGMR in which the author explains why Destiny needs to fail for the good of the industry.

Quote: "Should Destiny succeed at the seemingly insurmountable task set before it, it would only serve as active encouragement to other publishers and developers, forcing high-budget projects of this kind with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of investment — and for what; another persistent open world with guns and customisation that isn’t called Borderlands The MMO? — and a sales requirement that requires not just insane amounts of marketing (something that required an entire column of its own) but also copious amounts of post-release support and downloadable content and absolutely anything else that can suck more money from gamers to justify the ridiculously high cost of production." (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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MelvinTheGreat  +   407d ago | Well said
Please tell me more, because you clearly know what is good and bad for the the industry
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Drekken  +   407d ago
I want a video of this guy crying the week of release. Destiny has no chance of failing.
T2  +   407d ago
well based on the budget they spent there are scenarios where it may not have been worth the huge investment, but the game will sell a ton of copies for sure....
Also this author's article is crap, he is basically saying AAA is no good for the industry. Oh and by the way, borderlands has a great template but has tons of room for improvement which destiny could easily offer. day one for me even if it is just as good as borderlands.
johndoe11211  +   407d ago
I for one do not want destiny to fail. I played the alpha and absolutely loved it. That is definitely my most anticipated game of the year. However, it would be totally absurd to ignore or downplay the reasoning behind the author's desire and quite frankly, I don't blame him.

Mind you, I don't agree with him wanting it to fail because I think that to be a little extreme but at the same time I can understand where he is coming from. If more companies go this route of spending insane amounts of cash to make a video game, we can have a serious problem in the future.

Atari spent $125 million to produce the E.T video game (an astronomical amount at the time) and that was the catalyst for the great video game crash of the 1980's. That game is considered to be the biggest failure in gaming history. Atari almost went under because of it and it almost killed the video game industry.

I want AAA games, we need AAA games but at the same time developers need to be smart when developing these games. No Man's Sky is an indie game developed by four guys in a studio, what do you think their budget is like? And yet look at the quality and scope of that game. A game does not need to cost $500 million dollars to be good.

The more money devs spend is the more we will get stuff like DLC, microtransactions, subscription services even after paying for the game (FFIV) and the longer it will take for digital prices to drop. Having such high costs to produce games is actually hurting us as gamers.

I love destiny, I want it to succeed, but I also hope that this does not become a trend in the gaming industry. This needs to stop, fast.
KingDustero  +   407d ago
Activision isn't spending $500 million on just the one game. That is their current budget for the franchise for the next TEN years. Which actually seems a little low considering that is to fund three games and multiple DLCs. I do hope though that they focus on expansions like an mmo instead of whole new games.

In all honesty the majority of the hate towards Destiny comes from people who haven't played it yet. It is an AMAZING game. I sat there and played the alpha constantly everyday after work. Destiny is a game that could change the industry for the better and it needs to succeed. Have already convinced multiple people to pre-order it and will continue to do so. Imo anyone who is a shooter fan needs to buy this game. Bungie has the ground work laid for a franchise that can easily be bigger than Halo.
Mega24  +   407d ago
What people are failing to notice, activision is no investing $500 million dollars on just one game, its on the franchise.

Loved the alpha, cant wait for july, the neta will be even better.
Dirtnapstor  +   407d ago
Yup, as you said, over the next 10 years. That's been stated multiple times, not sure why or how people are confusing this with the first installment alone.
lunatic0001  +   407d ago
@ mega24...you're right but I think its the media that's at fault for many people thinking that the 500 million dollar budget is for one single game when in fact it involves all its expansion packs and multiple titles
trywizardo  +   407d ago
it is coming to 360 and X1 , PC player would be closer than xbox player ... you're an idiot dude
OrangePowerz  +   407d ago
I can only say one thing to the autor. If he wants Destiny to fail (probably a lot if jobs depend on it not failing) he should never ever complain in the future when all he sees is sequels. Because if Destiny fails it will be a big signal for companies to not do anything new, it would be a big blow to the industry and not just Activision and Bungie.
Magicite  +   407d ago
I think Bungie are creative and they deserve success.
Besides Activision wouldn't bet on a bad horse.
3-4-5  +   407d ago
$500 Million is far too much money to invest in a game though.

That point is probably correct, even though he does seem bitter.

* For $500 Million we could get 10+ good games.

Would you rather have 5-10 games from Bungie, or JUST THIS ONE....Destiny ?

I'd go with more games, even though Destiny looks good.
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OrangePowerz  +   407d ago
The 500 million are not only for one game and include everything including marketing and advertisement. Also it's Activisions money and they can do with their money what they want. The only important thing is that the game is good in the end and from what I played in the alpha it could be an awesome game. Doesn't matter to me if a game costs 5 million or 500 million.
Timcurrey  +   407d ago
If you read in other comments or articles about destiny, the 500mill is not for one game, its the initial investment for the entire franchise. They are talkiing a 10 year investment. So either expansions or sequals. They are playing a long game here.
lunatic0001  +   407d ago
The 500 million budget is not for the first destiny but for the entire franchise which includes multiple sequels and expansion packs for the next ten years...500 million for 10 years...I think its the media that's at fault for saying that the 500 million is the budget for destiny rather than saying that its for the whole entire series
nosferatuzodd  +   407d ago
to all the people who said hes not a xbox fanboy fanboy can hide their fanboyness and still make up a crappy story to justify why the game should fail nothing this man said makes any sense whats to ever

to guy under me not some ppl are cry babies xbox fans are the cry baby here. insomniacs making a game thats exclusive to Xbox 1 i don't see any ps fan acting like how these halo bungie loving fans acting pathetic just pathetic
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liquidhalos  +   407d ago
I hope it doesn't fail, I really like bungie, they have a distinct style with their games and I really like it. It's bungies first new game since halo, that in itself in awesome, plus let's not forget that it's a multi platform which means most of us get the chance to play it which too is awesome. The article is only an opinion piece, I'll respect the authors opinion while humbly disagreeing.
MetaReapre  +   406d ago
I can understand his concern. It is a huge amount of money going into this game. And if they need to sell 18 mill copies to just even out, that's too much to become the norm of Aaa games. It is one of the most anticipated game of this year, this game has little chance to really fail so this budget becoming the norm may be inevitable.
CreamSalamy  +   406d ago
Hes main concern was 500 Million dollar investment and 18 million sales of the game to provide for even income. Problem is not 18 million on sales and I strongly believe 5 million xbone, 7 to 8 million ps4 sooner or later will be connected to it during its live spam and that's a very conservative number. What he fails to see is the constant draining of downloads and micro transaction will be heavily administer and will be a cash cow, not only will they meet 500 million but I see them gaining pass over a billion. I don't want them to fail, but they truly are on par with the hallo franchise in different suits lol.
wsoutlaw87  +   406d ago
Ya this idea that destiny selling well, would cause other publishers and developers to spend this type of cash, is just stupid. They have always had the chance to make huge games but the risk just doesnt add up and it still wont. I hope destiny is great because it looks great and I dont want to see some huge triple A games out there. Theres a place for games of all budgets. Having this game succeed or fail only effects the future of bungie and activision. And please, stop comparing it to borderlands just because there was a map in the desert and they have guns. Borderlands didnt invent deserts.
showtimefolks  +   406d ago
seriously Author are you really that hurt over exclusive content? seriously some of you xbox fanboys are coming off as nothing but sour losers

get over it, Destiny is gonna be awesome. Its funny that Bungie helped make xbox brand and now that they are making a game for other systems, all of the sudden they suck

please use some butthurt cream at nights to make you sleep better
ITPython  +   406d ago
Yet another butthurt XB1 fanboy because his god/idol/lover/role model (aka Bungie) is now making games on the PlayStation platform.

With all the stink these people are making, somebody could easily assume that Destiny was a PS exclusive. So... keep it up! More sales for the PS4 version.

Oh and this guy has the gall to talk about insane amounts of marketing? He must have been coincidentally absent around the Titanfall launch, when even a 90 year old grandma living in the middle of the Amazon jungle with no internet, TV, or newspapers (who was also deaf and blind), could give a shockingly detailed description of TF.
MoveTheGlow  +   406d ago
This is actually a very new funding model that Activision trusted Bungie with. Technically, sure, the budget was a half-billion dollars. But it's half a billion dedicated to the creation of a new engine, new systems, and a framework for a persistent, extensible world and franchise. Future "sequels" will be cheaper and heavily iterative if this succeeds, like giant expansion packs with a few new graphical polishes. It's the newest attempt at an MMO to topple WOW in market share by targeting a completely different market while using a completely different strategy. Why wouldn't you want this to do well? Hey, you just might like it in five years.

Say what you will about Bobby Kotick making Activision look bad for years, and the ridiculousness from Infinity Ward's battle over MW2 funding and royalties, but at least, unlike Ubisoft, they keep their development studios branded as such. This isn't an Activision game, it's a Bungie game. What's an Assassin's Creed game? The product of a ton of studios under the Ubi blanket in various parts of the world, and they play like they're designed by committee. Bungie is still Bungie. At least there's that.
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XxExacutionerxX  +   406d ago
I see nothing wrong with Destiny is doing for the industry. I'm not a fan of the game or will buy the game. I would rather see a new IP like this then to see a COD MMO. I don't want this to fail. People need to understand that big projects like this, open up doors for other games, even indie games. The only thing I dont want is for this game to lose people to COD.
BABYLEG  +   406d ago
I wanted destiny when it was revealed, but it doesn't interest me in the slightest anymore. I liked the idea of it, but the game play looks tedious, not fun
g5bay  +   406d ago
me2 i want it to fail
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threefootwang  +   406d ago
"There is no need for these extravagant games with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of development and marketing."

This guy claims gamers don't need games with alot of funding because according to him, that's a bad thing.

LMAO. Like seriously wow, just wow.
HonestDragon  +   406d ago
Clearly the author believes they know what's right for the industry, but their belief is downright absurd. Even the jumps of conclusions are completely asinine.

"Here we have a relatively unknown game..."

Problem number one: Destiny is not "relatively unknown". This game has been getting media attention for a long time now.

"Should Destiny succeed at the seemingly insurmountable task set before it, it would only serve as active encouragement to other publishers and developers, forcing high-budget projects of this kind with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of investment..."

Problem number two: This type of thinking is wrong and we (including developers and publishers) damn well know it. Someone in the industry once said (and I believe it was Cliffy B) that only successful games will have high budgets in the hundreds of millions. But that type of impression on a video game's success is asinine. I highly doubt developers and publishers will follow suit. Spending more doesn't mean instant success.

Is Activision taking a chance with the amount they are spending on Destiny? Most certainly, but that is their decision. Activision is spending this money because they want to market this game out.

"If Destiny fails then perhaps it will teach publishers and developers alike a lesson in over-indulgence."

"So yes. Here’s me hoping that Destiny fails so that gamers can win. Here’s me wishing Bungie all the best with dealing with Activision post-release, while I opt out of supporting this batshit crazy $500 million exercise in excess."

Essentially, the author is admitting to opt out of supporting Destiny because Activision has spent five hundred million dollars on it. "Oh! A company is investing heavily in their product? Well, guess I won't bother with that then!" What the hell kind of mentality is that? The author is letting the spending cost of a game determine whether or not it will be a future purchase.

And then they wish for Destiny to fail because of some scheme-riddled thought of monkey see, monkey do with the rest of the industry? Are you kidding me? To wish that a project fails is to wish that everyone involved will most likely have their jobs on the line. You aren't thinking about gamers winning from the loss of a game from a talented studio. You are supporting the idea that just because a company invests into its products that they should fail through a conspiracy themed idea that they will try to milk their consumers dry of money and encourage other companies to do so. We know there will most likely be DLC, season passes, and expansions (it's Activision after all), but those are optional.

I have criticized Activision on their policies and actions before, but I don't wish for them to fail. I want companies to do better and make great products. If they are willing to spend money on it, then that is their prerogative. The author letting that spending cost deter them from Destiny is stupid, especially considering that they were interested before.
kenshiro100  +   406d ago
Wishing a game to fail is stupid, period.
Activemessiah  +   407d ago
Sounds very... bitter.
DarkLord1003  +   407d ago
Some people really have problems...
ColinZeal  +   407d ago
Some gamers are f*cking crybabies. It's almost embarrassing to call myself a gamer when I see this kind of articles. You don't like a game? Don't buy it. Sheeez.
mydyingparadiselost  +   407d ago
I agree, the course AAA gaming is taking is a mediocre one at best.
Phene  +   407d ago
Say whaaaat ..this jokers' cray
GamingSinceThe80s  +   407d ago
I would like to think that just because this game succeeds,games are smart enough not to fall for all the cheap imitations that could follow.But this story just seem's like click bait ether way.
ginsunuva  +   406d ago
Remember last gen with CoD4's success and every game following?
GamingSinceThe80s  +   406d ago
Your right I may have been giving the average person/gamer to much credit.lol
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wsoutlaw87  +   406d ago
Thats because thats what publishers thought gamers wanted. They were trying to copy cods formula not its budget like this guy is saying about destiny.
Sideras  +   407d ago
Afaik the 500 millions are for the 10 year deal, and not just for this one game, but correct me if I'm wrong.
IHassounah  +   407d ago
The game is supposed to live a 10 years course.
porkChop  +   407d ago
No it isn't. The Bungie contract was revealed in the Infinity Ward lawsuit. The 10 year publishing agreement covers an entire franchise. Destiny this year, an expansion next year, Destiny 2 the year after that, then an expansion, then Destiny 3, etc.
IHassounah  +   407d ago
porkChop@ well looks like I miss understood the argument.
Myst-Vearn  +   407d ago
Did you guys read the article? he is not bitter or a troll, he makes some good points. I agree it's a very risky business to make $500 millions games, it's not something that we should encourage devs to start doing. Some of my absolute favorite games do not have a fraction of that budget. Even GTAV did not cost nearly that much. And to be honest, Does Destiny even LOOK like a $500 million game? it's neither ground-breaking nor original.
Kane22  +   407d ago
so you would be happy if this game failed....which would mean a lot of devs would lose their jobs all cause you think this game shouldn't cost $500 million. which i doubt that money was for just this game alone.
MrSwankSinatra  +   407d ago
You totally missed the point of the article, it's not about being happy if this game fails. It's about the fact that investing so much money into one game could cause the industry to implode because as games advance game makers will not be able to compete with each other or make games because it's going to be way to expensive to make. Activision is setting a very dangerous precedent in the gaming industry when their is absolutely no reason to. Not even GTA V probably the most successful to date cost this much to make and advertise.
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mydyingparadiselost  +   407d ago
People lose their jobs all the time, at least these people are trained and the game industry is big enough they could find other jobs. Should the tobacco industry stay the same size so people keep their jobs? Should oil production stay at high levels when alternatives are available so people can keep their jobs? Companies and industries fail, that's supposed to be a huge component of capitalism. Without failure we all eventually lose.
DeadIIIRed  +   407d ago
The argument is bogus. It's like saying you don't want games to have cutting edge graphics and AI because it makes it harder for other companies to compete on that level. If this game is successful you won't see every developer chasing Bungie to spend money they don't need to spend.
Sevir  +   407d ago
People like to bag on this for the insane amount of hype the game has and the fact that Activision is the publisher, so they feel that the discovery of the $500m figure and think that this is simply applied to One game...

It's Activision's terms of having a 10 year publishing deal. The Destiny IP costs
$500m, not Just this One game, but the 10 year publishing deal that covers the life of the IP.

Destiny part One, The marketing, The expansion for it the following year, Destiny 2, the marketing, the Expansion, Destiny 3, the Expansion, so on and So forth.

It's a 10 year partnership, simply put! And this $500m makes sure that the Devs has the resources to carry out their vision for the IP for the length of its contract.

If you're bashig the game it's because you are bitter about Sony and Bungie's partnership, haven't really experienced Destiny to get an idea of where it's going, and just plain out angry at Activision for Spending the money.

I had my doubts about the game, but after playing it and seeing it's potential, I know where the game is going and I see the hype.

Have an open mind and be a gamer not a bitter fanboy who thinks they are an industry analyst. No one here knows what the full terms of the the business deal between Sony, Bungie and Activision is, so let's stop being irrational and hoping something big and popular fails, 400+ developers/People with families and bills and lives all hang in the balance, if you love this industry, you'd realize this and quit pretending you know better.
wsoutlaw87  +   406d ago
@MrSwank this idea is just not going to happen. You shouldn't worry about what the budget is. If they make a great game then thats awesome and buy it. If a publisher and developer thinks they can make a great game worth that money and take that HUGE risk then I hope they succeed. Games flopping isnt good for the industry. Do you realy think some publisher that in no way wants to gamble that much money will, just because destiny did it? Did all open world games just up their budget by 100m because , "hey GTA did it and it worked"? No.
Dolf045  +   407d ago
500 million is for 10 years man. It looks pretty awesome for what it is. The way I see it I loved the game and will buy it at launch. Now I've got a game that I love that I know for a fact has the investment behind it to expand into something much much bigger. Like imagine Skyrim had the same treatment, with areas and quests etc still being added in on a regular basis. I'd be still playing now years later! Let them try, the industry isn't going to collapse if they succeed
henr0s  +   407d ago
They are planning on spending $500 million on the Destiny franchise, that is including marketing and the several games that are going to come after Destiny in the next 10 year period. Get your facts before you start making assumptions.
Myst-Vearn  +   407d ago
henr0s , obviously you need to get your facts straight and need to read the article. Because that IS the problem, as the article mentions it. They can't say 'we will spend 500 millions' on this franchise from the get go, what if Destiny doesn't sell enough and it needs to sell A LOT ? than they need to find anyway to milk the gamers. They will also need to allocate more for marketing with the next installment and less on the game itself, making it even lesser-quality. Setting aside $500 millions for a franchise is very risky business, and both the industry and gamers could feel the negative effects of this business models. Devs should make a game and IF it is successful turn it into a massive franchise.
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dragon82  +   407d ago
Movie trilogies tend to have the entire budget planned out ahead of time. Why should gaming budgets be any different??
henr0s  +   404d ago

Myst just read this. Activision has not spent 500m, they are planning to, it's just a number they're projecting. If the game flops, then that number would change, half your argument is based around it not selling, but regardless of if it sells or not, 500m has not been spent. In 10 years (The lifespan of destiny) 500m will if it sells well. That's 50m a year, which isn't too much.
Baka-akaB  +   407d ago
His point arent good at all imo . Destiny do try a few new stuff even if not 100% original . Should it fail , it will send the message that original gambles arent worth it at all and a retreat to safe bets is better . Especially for the likes of EA

It's very unlikely should Destiny succeed , that everyone will believe in investing that much . Past blockbusters and mmo successes made EA waste 100-200 millions on games like Kotor before , with no return and no real success . Not many are going to just stupidly copy and hope for the best anymore .
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OrangePowerz  +   407d ago
According to reports GTA 5 cost 265 million and that was only ONE game. The 500 million are for the franchise and not a single game. It's a 10 year plan and they probably spent more money on WoW in 10 years.

I also rather have them spend that money on Destiny instead of having them buy mobile companies for hundreds of millions like EA did.
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dragon82  +   407d ago
People don't seem to get that at all. They are just hung up on "$500 million". That figure is for a trilogy and expansions. That is about $167 million per game. That is not a crazy amount at all.
lunatic0001  +   406d ago
Damn it...for the last damn time...the 500 million is not the budget of one SINGLE game but multiple sequels and expansion packs for 10 years...500 million=10 year life span meaning destiny 1,2,3 and their expansion packs...if you ask me...it should be more
hkgamer  +   406d ago
im thinking $500million it the predicted cost for running the game for 10 years. server costs, dev costs plus the dev cost for expansions.

how much did star wars mmo cost?

i do agree that it is a big risk, but they will probably get a big pay off. the only problem i see is that i dont think gamers play the same game for this long anymore. gamers trends seem to be finish game maybe platinum trophy the game then move on.
Dolf045  +   407d ago
So we should hope that companies stop investing huge amounts of money on trying something new for the genre and just continue to churn out the same tired old shit year after year?

If it succeeds it will be because people loved it. There will always be niche markets if this isn't your kind of thing. If anything this culture of hoping the other guy fails, freaking out over racism/sexism that isn't there or the massive sense of entitlement is whats going to mess up the industry.
uth11  +   407d ago
We should be glad that companies are willing to invest such huge amounts. It's a sign the industry is healthy.
ginsunuva  +   406d ago
Destiny is the farthest from "new for the genre" as it can get.
Dolf045  +   406d ago
I've been gaming for 20 years man and the alpha felt fresh like no other shooter has for a long time. That's just personal preference and taste I suppose but if you've yet to play I would say don't make a decision yet!

On a micro level it's nothing that hasn't been done before but the way they bring those elements together gives something that feels new on the whole
devileyed  +   406d ago
See I felt the opposite of fresh. The enemy types,their movement,tactics,classes and even the way they enter the map is all reskinned halo to me. Then everything else as far as art style and world space screams borderlands. I'm in my thirties and have been gaming since "texas instruments" and i was almost offended at what they have made here. I'm glad others are enjoying it and I hope it does well but i couldn't get over the copy and paste feeling i was getting while playing it.
Volkama  +   407d ago
$500,000 dollar game failing could have pretty damaging ramifications.

$anyvalue Activision game succeeding could have pretty damaging ramifications.

I hope destiny is a smash hit, and a game I really enjoy. I hope that if/when Activision try to squeeze us unfairly for micro-transactions and such that side of it blows up in their face. And I hope Microsoft and Sony come to a mutual understanding that money-hatting exclusive content is only benefitting Activision, and not themselves or their customers. And also world peace and stuff.
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Heisenburger  +   407d ago
Missing some zeros bro.
Volkama  +   407d ago
This is true. I also said $xxx dollar, and I don't appreciate such redundancy.

I will surely flog myself vigorously, but hopefully you knew what I meant :)
Heisenburger  +   407d ago
I'm not sure if using an incorrect number, then using "x number" qualifies as avoiding redundancy.

All you did was type the wrong number of zeros. Just own it bro!


Volkama  +   407d ago
$5 dollars. 5 Dollars dollars. Petty I know, but I am still disappointed in myself :-)
Darkfist  +   407d ago
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   407d ago
Most likely which is sad! My brother who's a die hard Halo and Xbox fan says this game looks and will be terrible yet he's never even tried it out!! SMH
gamerfan0909  +   407d ago
Did you read the article?
MetaReapre  +   406d ago
I don't think he's an Xbot, more so a guy over-evaluating the situation. Saying that if this game becomes a big hit 500 mill budgets for Aaa games may become the norm. It will be bad for the industry if this does become the norm, but no one knows the exact repercussions that would come out of that.
Slevon  +   407d ago
The games going to do amazing and i'm sure this article will even convince people to buy it to spite the writer. Its going to sell/play/be great no matter what you want #Dealwithit
LazyGoron  +   407d ago
Dumb article written by dumb writer is dumb.

Not saying that I love all games or genres of games (JRPG, cough cough) but failure of big AAA games, honestly, is bad for the industry as a whole. Why would anyone want games to fail? Success drives competition drives innovation which creates new experiences for the user :)
lifesanrpg  +   407d ago
Ah yes, let the game fail. Let hundreds of game designers lose their jobs as a result. That would be GREAT for a video game industry that already sees tons of layoffs. What a moron.
shallowpoint  +   407d ago
Took the words right from my mouth!
mrpsychoticstalker  +   407d ago
It will not fail. But it won't be as big as halo.
It's already bigger than Halo.

Each planet is bigger than Halo: Reach.
ginsunuva  +   406d ago
He meant big as in popularity.

Why would we be talking about game world size?
guyman  +   407d ago
It will be bigger than Halo
DashArrivals  +   407d ago
I won't bother reading this crap. But one thing I'll say is that this game only costs $60 and that's it. It costs just as much as other AAA games. After that, players choose to pay more for whatever else. It's up to them and they all know what they're getting into.
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Baszs  +   407d ago
Indeed what a moron!
He should be banished from the gaming community..

I want him to fail..
SynestheticRoar  +   407d ago
So you want destiny to fail. You and every other jaded diehard Halo fan, who wanted Bungie to still be working on Halo.
aiBreeze  +   407d ago
Yes yes, lets see a game that tries to actually innovate the genre and take a gamble fail while EA flourish from recycling the same crap constantly each year. We need more games like Destiny where they take the time to truly make something special as opposed to the yearly sequels that is becoming more and more standard.
UKzZBULLET  +   407d ago
What...did I just.....Read...
n4rc  +   407d ago
Its bad if it fails.. In every way

Publishers making big investments on a new aaa IP will only happen if they pay off.. Unless you want to see nothing but cheap remakes or mobile games on your console, then you should hope it does well..
Haki1112  +   407d ago
wtf why would anyone want something like this to fail? people will lose their jobs and then we will be stuck with games like CoD..
kalkano  +   407d ago
I know I'm biased, but this looks just like CoD. To me, every shooter looks exactly the same...
zpoc  +   406d ago
yeah, this multimillion dollar activision franchise will save us all from that other multimillion dollar activision franchise...
Haki1112  +   406d ago
Never said it will save us from anything but having variety in the gaming world is never a bad thing.
Baka-akaB  +   407d ago
SO you want the game to fail , to prevent some trend of pumping out 500 millions games and damages within the industry ?

As if it failing wouldnt be damageing enough , and wouldnt force everyone to avoid gambling on anything remotely new , and just milking further stuff like cod
KuroKazuma  +   407d ago
ArtificiallyYours  +   407d ago
I want this site to crash and burn lol...
sadfeet  +   407d ago
The feels
kingmushroom  +   407d ago
Another fanboy but hurt cause destiny is on Ps4. And thinks it will hurt the industry. F...off.
SITH  +   407d ago
Nobody is butt hurt. Destiny is a multiplatform game.
OUROSMAG  +   407d ago
There is actually quite a bit of an uproar, because the alpha hit PS4 first.
kingmushroom  +   401d ago
Xbox fanboys are and need to chill.
CawMasterX  +   407d ago
What a troll with this article. I hate certain devs and pubs but I would never wish such a thing. So many ppl would lose their jobs.
Kane22  +   407d ago
apparently people responding to me. don't seem to care. their coming up with stupid ass excuses.
CawMasterX  +   407d ago
Yeah I can see that. Regardless of how much I feel about a particular game, company or dev team, I'd never wish such a thing. The shape this industry is in and the content, we could use more innovation and less recycling of old games like the influx of HD Remakes or Collections. I don't mind a few but something tells me we're about to see this as a means of common practice.
xJumpManx  +   407d ago
Its not a Sony fanboy but it might as well be similar message wanting others in the game indusrty to fail.
ThatEnglishDude  +   407d ago
I want every game to succeed, regardless of genre or background. It's how this industry will thrive.
Dark_king  +   407d ago
i disagree with you (just not with the button) there are games that should not thrive.There are games out there that do need to fail and fail hard.Just think if a certain recent alien game would of succeeded.It would have said gamers don't care about quality are when there lied to.So those things are ok to do to them.

Now this is not the case with Destiny its not saying its one thing while its another.Its not a game that needs to fail for any real reason.They already do spend tons on ads and put out tons of DLC while many DLC are crap that should be free(On Disc DLC). There are tons of great DLC that are fine. LBP probably has the largest amount of DLC but not once have I felt it should all be free.
mydyingparadiselost  +   406d ago
That recent alien game you mentioned did succeed, a profit was made of that piece of trash, which to me is maybe the most telling thing about the industry today.
Not only that but it was the second best selling Sega game for the time of this fiscal report.
This is the big problem with gaming now, you can hype up a game even if it sucks, doesn't work properly or fails to deliver on its promises, gameplay or otherwise, and still come out on top.
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