Nintendo UK's response about the Philips ruling

Nintendo UK:
"On 20 June 2014, following a trial heard before Mr Justice Birss, the UK Patents Court found that the Wii, Wii U and Wii Remote infringe two patents ('498 and '650) asserted against Nintendo by Philips Electronics. The '498 and '650 patents were held to be invalid as originally granted, but Philips Electronics were permitted to make validating amendments during the course of the litigation.

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kurenaishinigami1639d ago

So one or two patent that Philips is suing nintendo for is now invalid and I guess Nintendo will prove that other patent from Philips is also invalid.

So Philips won't be abble to sue Sony for Move and Microsoft for Kinect. :D

BattleReach1639d ago

They weren't able before this because Sony and Microsoft are using other technology than Nintendo.

Nintendo is using technology which uses Infrared to track the players moves. Microsoft and Sony are both using a camera.

randomass1711639d ago

Doesn't the Wii remote use infrared technology as well?

joeorc1639d ago

Not just that but the way move works is not the same design as wiimote works like in the case the camera is inside the wiimote itself and the positionary area of tracking is from the camera looking at the wiimote sensor bar. Sonys and microsoft works in other way. But Sony's also uses a magnetometer to off set sensor drift. Which both nintendo or microsofts systems do not use. Hell Dr. Richard marks was issued a patent on design for move so phillips could sue, but I doubt it would go anywhere.

kurenaishinigami1639d ago

Patents aren't just technology, but also concepts, theories, etc...

Microsoft and Sony use different technology, but if the concept is the same then they can be sued too and suit that Nintendo is involved with Philips involves various concepts that also involve technologies that could allow these kind of concepts to be executed and all disagrees are just Microsoft and/or Sony fans being too defensive and emotional...

herbs1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

"interactive virtual modelling" and "human computer interaction"
Is extremely vague and sounds more like the Kinect to me not to mention Nintendo has been using IR and motion controls since the mid 80s...

herbs1639d ago

I guarantee Phillips will go after Microsoft and Sony next especially since their vague patents more accurately detail there tech.
Virtual modelling of the body = Kinect
Motion control using a camera device = Move
I'm not sure how an IR sensor equals a camera in regards to the Wiimote. The more I have read into this the more it sounds like bullshit.

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mikel10151639d ago

Good thing they are appealing the court case.

Chrono1639d ago

Next time don't steal.

lilbroRx1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

You do know that if this ruling is upheld, then Sony will be just a guilty and possibly Microsoft for Move, Playstation Eye, the Sixaxis, and Kinect

Also, the patents they are being sued for were given to Philips years after the Wii had already been on sell. One was in 2011 after Nintendo has already stopped supporting the Wii.

Though haters like you rarely care about facts. All you want is for something bad to happen to Nintendo and a excuse to trash talk them. You couldn't care less if they have actually done something wrong, nor abut the facts surrounding the issue.

randomass1711639d ago

I don't think it's all about hatred. For whatever reason, Philips won the case and Nintendo is now going to appeal. Maybe there's some validity to the claim? Or maybe Philips just made a really good case. I'm curious to see where it goes from there.

keegamer801639d ago

If I were Philips I would be embarrassed to take Nintendo to court. Mario and Zelda for cdi?

Reeze1639d ago

I guess you could say they don't Philippin' like to be sued.

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