Wimbledon 2014's Top Three Seeds of iOS Gaming

"If you're a fan of the sport, and an iOS gamer, you've come to right place. We thought why not take a look at Wimbledon through the lens of iOS, and so we've put together an overview of three of the best tennis games available in the App Store. You're going to need something to play during the rain delays and between matches right? Right!" - Grab It

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SlappingOysters1635d ago

iOS and Champers they reckon. Strawberries as well. Hardcore

Cookiebex1635d ago

Not much for tennis. However computer game versions always seem a lot more interesting.

CoyoteHunter1635d ago

Agreed. I've heard fantastic things about Table Tennis Touch though. Have you tried it?

Cookiebex1634d ago

Not yet. I have heard good things too.

shipnabottle1634d ago

Between the World Cup, Wimbledon, and living in the Southern Hemisphere I'm not sure where my sleep is going to come from over the next couple of weeks.

SlappingOysters1634d ago

When you're at work of course!