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Top 10 PS4 Firmware Fan Demands From PS Share Website: Enhance PS4 Media Support Heads The List

GP: Recently, Sony re-launched "Feedback/Idea" gathering website for Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita called as "Share" i.e a platform where Playstation gamers can share their idea to improve Playstation 4, Playstation Vita and other services. It's been a month since re-launch of this website, and feedbacks from fans are pouring it, so we decided to take a look at top 10 Playstation 4 firmware ideas from Playstation Share website. (PS4)

KinjoTakemura  +   473d ago
Interesting read.
crxss  +   473d ago
basically features ps4 should already have. especially seeing how PS3 had most of the features in this list

what about....... dare I say....... PS Home? my ps4's collecting dust right now till the Destiny Beta. mine as well play that
medman  +   473d ago
Hear we go again...early adopter whining and moaning about console features not available soon after launch....the alternative you apparently want was for both Sony and Microsoft to delay the release of ps4 and xbone so multimedia features could be implemented more completely. Really? You would be complaining up and down if the consoles both got pushed back til fall of 2014 instead of launching in 2013. Give me a break. The ps3 and 360 had the same issues at launch, and had to slowly add functionality to bring them where they are today. This is no different. So you have a choice, either get the consoles earlier so you can play games, or don't be an early adopter. Your choice. You knew what you were buying when you put down your money. If you didn't know, that's a you problem.
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crxss  +   473d ago
Lmao what are you going on about? No wonder you only have one bubble. No one wants to hear anything from you.

Are you saying ps3 was lacking features that ps2 had? Where's your memory at? And I didn't get a ps4 until recently. Not sure if that qualifies as early adoption, maybe more like early majority. I wouldn't be complaining up and down (the street <- what you meant) if the ps4 got pushed back to fall 2014. Sad that these features won't even be added to the ps4 till later than that probably if they even are. But really how hard is it to implement friend signing in and out notifications? Lol

Sorry for wanting current-gen features in a next gen console. My bad.
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Spotie  +   473d ago
PS3 didn't have all those features at launch. Have to prioritize.
AliTheSnake1  +   473d ago
Themes is my number one.
I got sick to shit from that blue theme with the melody (which I turned off a while back).
Number 2 would be In-game transparent PSmenu.
Prime157  +   473d ago
Pshome is something I love, but I'm not sure of how well it's doing as it's been shut off in some countries.

But comparing the ps2 into the ps3 bridge to this one is silly, as the ps2 did very little compared to many consoles releasing after it.
Tetsujin  +   473d ago
I don't get all these people whining about what they want/don't want in a next gen console AFTER arguing they want a console to play games first and extras later. I swear some people you just can't win against.

The only feature I was surprised wasn't available out the gate was mp3 playback, however custom soundtrack is there with the Sony music service (which I don't care for). The X game chat is a nice addition however as I stated in the past it's not a deal breaker for me - I want games first, not features I "might" use.
Joey_Leone  +   473d ago
Cheap ass smart phones today have mp3 and video playback, whats the issue Sony?
XiSasukeUchiha  +   473d ago
Good read mate.
nitrogav  +   473d ago
Still can't believe 3D Bluray isn't implemented yet!?.
Bennibop  +   473d ago
It is driving me mental as have Gravity 3D to watch. Also bothers me that the thumbnail art for Blu ray disk does not show like it did with ps3
UltraNova  +   473d ago
I feel you man I bought the 3D remastered Matrix trilogy and I cant watch them on my ps4. Well ps3 is still King I quess..
Eonjay  +   473d ago
Those are both good requests, but make sure you are communicating that with SCE. Obviously they are working to add these features but apparently there is a waiting list. Make sure your voice is heard.
Keith22  +   473d ago
Would be funny if they released a mega firmware update and it had everything on the list
WitWolfy  +   473d ago
The day that happens Hell will freeze over.
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Pro_TactX  +   473d ago

There is a village named Hell in Norway, and a city named Hell in Michigan, US. Hell freezes over more often than people think. :)
WitWolfy  +   473d ago

Smartass.. :P
Furesis  +   473d ago
no that would be great actually
Darkstares  +   473d ago
It wouldn't be funny as that is exactly what they should be doing. What is funny however is how slow Sony is in adding key features. It really is quite comical.
gigoran  +   473d ago
Video files? Waste of time. Cinavia will be there, no doubt. So that part I would just forget about.
OpenGL  +   473d ago
Despite Cinavia on PS3 the video file support was still pretty useful.

I did not use it to watch pirated movies though.
ramiuk1  +   473d ago
all those people not watching pirated films might be the reason they didnt include it lol
gigoran  +   473d ago
I get disagrees for telling the truth? I see... The butthurtedness (if that's even a word) is clear is each disagree.

It's the truth. If they put it in, it will have Cinavia, and you will all complain again. Complaining didnt remove it from ps3. Good luck on ps4.
Majin-vegeta  +   473d ago
Come on no Ext.HDD??You peeps are killing me.Can anyone link me to the site so I can start this??
jobboy  +   473d ago
DLNA support!!
OpenGL  +   473d ago
I'd like mp3 support, jpeg support, and at least a few video codecs like mpeg4. On my PS3 I have around 60GB of music and photos, and another 100GB of video files, I really miss these features on PS4.
ANIALATOR136  +   473d ago
Custom soundtracks
KinjoTakemura  +   473d ago
Mp3/Mp4 playback from a device if not actually allowing mp3/mp4 compatibility.
CawMasterX  +   473d ago
Sony already working on enhancing the interface for the PS4 so I am happy. MP3 playback will probably happen given that it's in high demand amongst the owners. I hope they will start updating on a regular basis as opposed to last Gen when it would be a while between each firmware update.
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CoTton_MoUtH  +   473d ago
How about I'm able to play the games I buy thru PSN like watchdogs BF4 etc.... Offline
hawkeyejonjon  +   473d ago
Are you using a friends account or did you forget to set that PS4 as the Primary System for your account? If you didn't set your account as the primary on that PS4 than yeah you can't play them offline until you set it as primary. I play games that i bought digitally(PSN) offline sometimes and it works fine.

If you don't know how to do it
Go to Settings>PSN>Activate as Your Primary PS4 and you can play offline as long as you want
uth11  +   473d ago
Change the color of the lightbar strip?

really? That's a higher demand item than interface customization, or DLNA, or external HDD support? none of which were on the list?
Kidmyst  +   473d ago
I thought the same thing, the light could turn off for all I care, I am looking at the TV not the console when playing. I'd even rather have PS Home or Themes over light bar changes.

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