David Braben’s new Frontier – why Elite: Dangerous doesn’t need a publisher

“It’s the sort of game where there are a lot of pressures to make it like another game. And that’s not to say that’s necessarily wrong per-se. The worrying, the perceived risk when you’re trying to plan something, and they say ’Oh GTA is very successful, make it more like that,’” Braben explains. “The other thing is, you end up making the game for an audience. They say, ’We want you to aim for 18-25 year old males in America.’ And then I find, not that you don’t appeal to those people, but when you end up with a very narrow, prescribed audience, you can’t make decisions for yourself. You have to look at focus groups or whatever of those individuals to make sure you’re hitting the mark.’

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Section8uk1639d ago

I really hope DB can pull something good out of the hat. I want this game to be amazing for his sake. Especially if it has to go up against Star Citizen.

Mr Pumblechook1639d ago

I backed this. Hope the landing on planets update comes sooner rather than later"