How to get a Destiny beta code, clarification for those who played Alpha

Activision clarifies beta code requirements - Alpha players not included.

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GamingSinceThe80s1639d ago

All you have to do is pre order the game at Gamestop to get the beta code.Then cancel it. That's how I got my codes for Xboxone and PS4.But after playing the Alpha I will be buying it for PS4.

Neonridr1639d ago

you little trickster..

I preordered the game from EB Games (equivalent to Gamestop here in Canada). I got my beta code, but I kept my preorder. Because I am buying the game.. :P

GamingSinceThe80s1639d ago

I was not sure which system I wanted to buy it for or if I was going to buy it at all when the beta was first announced,because so little was known about the game at the time.But upon playing the alpha I'm sold.This games going to be a winner.With a lot the biggest games being pushed back to 2015 it should be this years saving grace.Halo collection,Destiny,Smash Bros U,Drive Club and I'm set for fall/winter.Not to mention all the free games to come with PS Plus and Games with gold.

Immorals1639d ago

Or even easier, Amazon!

madara0sama1639d ago

Me too. The alpha test sold me on the game.

ArchangelMike1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Similar thing here. I got an early access Beta code as part of the PS4 launch day bundle at GAME. I never pre-ordered the game though; but once the Alpha ended, I immediately pre-ordered the game (so now I have 2 beta codes :)

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TearsOfARapper1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

I'm wondering if I have to download another beta once I enter my normal code because the alpha beta took forever for my to download. Hopefully I can just enter the code and use the same file for the alpha beta.

jonatan2211639d ago

I'm on the same boat, took about 40+ hrs to download the alpha for me Lol.

lobocob1639d ago

You guys might want to upgrade from 56k or stop trying to download on the same network as your torrents ;) ;) ;)

Stapleface1639d ago

That doesn't make sense at all. Most of the time with a game, if your in the Alpha, your in throughout the whole testing period.

jonatan2211639d ago

Well we never knew about the alpha until E3 while the beta was known to only be achieved thru pre-order, but the point of the alpha was to get many to buy themselves into beta.

Pretty smart if you ask me.

Stapleface1639d ago

Pretty greedy if you ask me. Played the Alpha now I have to pay $60 just to play the beta? I plan on buying the game, but not until release month, as games get delayed too often now days. This isn't Steam early access, where you get unlimited access to the beta, you get a couple days, maybe a week or two.

Ace Killa 081639d ago

You don't have to pay $60 dollars for the beta. It is $5 minimum for pre-order and then you get the code. If you like the game then its $55 plus taxes.

HOWEVER you already plan on buying the game so the beta is nothing more but an incentive for your part.

My opinion NO they are not greedy, you are not forced to do anything at all throughout this process and so really it is the same thing other companies do. Now if you pay for the beta then pay for the game totaling to $60+ dollars then it's greed. But this is not the case.

Stapleface1639d ago

I take it none of you are pc gamers that are used to playing Alphas? I have never been in a single Alpha, that I didn't get access to the beta as well. So no, this isn't the same thing all the other companies are doing. Besides Steam early access games, I have never had to buy anything to take part in an alpha or beta before. I have seen plenty of buy game "x" get into beta "X" early, but never have I seen where the beta was exclusive to people who are paying money. I understand you can just cancel your preorder, but that's not what they were thinking about when they set up the beta this way.

Ace Killa 081639d ago

steam and early acces most games rely on those sales to boost their support, of course there's the quality testing and such but it's not the same when comparing a small dev til one like bungie.

Also it's a beta it's not that big of a deal, it's not like we would benefit from it. Most characters and leaderboards never transfer over.
If I recall correctly halo 3 beta was the same, get crackdown and get beta access. Of course no one is forced to do this and can wait t the games come out.

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LAWSON721639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

"Played the Alpha now I have to pay $60 just to play the beta?"

No a $5 Gamestop preorder or free Amazon preorder will get you a beta code.

Ace Killa 081639d ago

Question: If I have PS+ doesn't that grant me beta access on the PS4?? Or do I have to pre-order?? I'm not being a cheap bastard, I'm just assuming I'll get the code regardless.

fenome1639d ago

You only get the code if you pre-order, and you have to enter it at

Ace Killa 081639d ago

Well dam!

Taken from Playstation Knowledge Center -

"Priority Beta Invitations - You'll be the first to receive invitations on select Betas. "

I guess this is not that type of beta :(

Dspdspes1639d ago

I preordered in game months ago and got the code. Luckily i did'nt play the alpha