10 forgotten IP’s that Sony should resurrect for the PS4

PSGamer: During Microsoft’s E3 2014 presentation, Phil Spencer and co announced something that blind sided us all – a re-make of Phantom Dust. The original Phantom Dust on the Xbox was released to favourable reviews that praised the games innovation and the game is considered the grand father of modern-day card capture games. It was a smart move to reinvigorate a fan favourite from Microsoft’s original games console for the modern-day gamer – but this got me thinking – Why haven’t Sony done the same?

As much as we love new IP’s, Sony have a plethora of franchises from their past that they have just left to rot in their back catalogue. The announcement of a now-gen version of Shadow of the Beast at E3 2013 was great and all, but it wasn’t the announcement most were all hoping for. Some of the forgotten franchises were in their prime when Sony decided enough was enough and put them on permanent hiatus and, with Sony in search of their next big system seller, it begs the question “is it time to dust them off for the PS4″?

We have scoured the dusty catacombs of the PS1, PS2 and early PS3 era’s to pull together this list of 10 forgotten IP’s that Sony still own that should be resurrected for the PS4.

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GamerPAB1488d ago

What no love for dark cloud 3? I can't be the only one who thinks this

knifefight1488d ago

Only took one comment to start griping about an omission. Never change, internet.

Anyway, you'll have to talk to Level-5 about Dark Cloud, not Sony. Read the headline -- this is IPs that SONY has the power to bring back.

Inception1488d ago

Dark Cloud IS sony's IP. So yeah, sony has the power to bring it back, even without Level-5 involvement.

Omac_brother1488d ago

I did have Dark Cloud in this list originally. Not even sure why I took it out.

3-4-51487d ago

Anything Level-5 please

moparful991488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Umm correct me if im wrong but Sony has already done this.. They remade Warhawk(originally on PS1) on the PS3 not to mention hd updates of sly cooper, God of war, and the Jak and Daxter collection.. No Idea why this author is giving Microsoft credit for this idea but its 7 years to late...

:edit: I just read the article and sure enough he had the ps3 version of warhawk on here which shows you how clueless this guy is.. That ps3 title was a modern reboot of the original Ps1 title..

Omac_brother1488d ago

My point with this list was to pull together some great Sony owned IP's that we would like to see come to the PS4.
I wasn't talking about HD remakes.

I played Warhawk on both the PS3 and PS1 but still think there is a home for it on the PS4. I am not sure what the PS3 version being a reboot of the PS1 game has anything to do with it...?

The reason I mentioned Microsoft is because they were the first to announce a refresh of an old but beloved IP for this generation of consoles and Sony should be jumping all over this because their back catalogue is fantastic.

moparful991488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

What about Grimm Fandango? That is a Playstation classic being rebooted for the PS4.. My original point stands why did you give a nod to Microsoft when Sony has an established pedigree of bringing clasics back..

You even mention the Shadow Beast reboot which was announced a year ago, but dismissed it as "not the announcement we all hoped for" What is Phantom Dust? I've been gaming for 25 years and have never once heard of it so exactly how is that title suddenly more relevant to your argument? Im all for classic playstation reboots but your mistake was making it sound like Microsoft came up with the concept..

Omac_brother1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

@moparful99 - Beacuse Grim Fandango is owned by Disney and not an IP that is owned by Sony? And the whole point of this article, as I mentioned before, was to talk about the IP's that Sony own and should bring to the PS4?

:EDIT: You must have read something I didn't write because no where did I write or even insinuate that Microsoft invented the concept bringing back old IP's to life. Phantom Dust was a great game, you should deffinately get an Xbox 1 (not One) and try it out.

moparful991488d ago

"It was a smart move to reinvigorate a fan favourite from Microsoft’s original games console for the modern-day gamer – but this got me thinking – Why haven’t Sony done the same? "

Sourced straight from your article introduction.
You said "reinvigorate a fan favorite for the modern day gamer".. im paraphrasing of course but surely you see where the wording seems to give credit to Microsoft for the idea. Sony did it on the Ps3 with the afforementioned Warhawk and have begun to do it again with Shadow Beast, and despite not being Sony owned Im willing to bet they influenced the Grimm Fandango reboot..

Master-H1488d ago

Sony since you're in bed with Fromsoft, give us freaking Tenchu !

knifefight1488d ago

Tenchu's original developer, Acquire, made Shinobido 2 for Vita. It's not PS4, sure, but that's a good place to get your Tenchu fix :)

Master-H1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Good to know, if i ever get a Vita TV or a VITa i will definitely be buying that, i enjoyed Shinobido on the ps2, but still it was kinda too repetitive and just lacked the atmosphere of the Tenchu games.

I'm sure if Mayazaki put his mind to it after finishing Bloodborne he can make a kick ass Tenchu game, probably will have more RPG elements and higher difficulty but whatever lol why else did Fromsoft buy the rights to the franchise if they're not planning on reviving it ?

KinjoTakemura1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

The only game on the list worthy of a re-birth is Syphon Filter. I completely agree with the post above.

Rikimaru and Ayame definitely deserve to be resurrected and re-created for the Playstation 4 console ONLY! If not Tenchu, another Ninja Stealth based game is definitely overdue. I'm tired of Assassin's Creeds and CODs. There's a treasure chest of ideas for games just sitting there in the PS1 and PS2 libraries. I wish someone would wake the hell up and look through them instead of rehashing and hyping up stale games franchises.

Flutterby1488d ago

Imagine an open world ninja/ronin game set in feudal Japan, where you can train up learning different techniques doing different contracts like a ronin or something like that, you could be stealthy like a ninja kind of like assassins creed or go in hack and slash like a samurai. Someone make this game.

NukaCola1488d ago

Need a Way of the Samurai done for next gen. Fully open. Man I'd love to see Rockstar do a game like this.

GamingTruth1487d ago

the rehash crap is a myth of gaming [email protected] online nothing more

MilkMan1488d ago

This list is pretty good. I also get the sense that the author is older, seasoned gamer. Not a one trick pony type of player. I wonder how many gamers would rally behind remakes of these old IP's?

Omac_brother1488d ago

Thanks for the possitive feedback. I would hope many would get behind remakes/reboots/sequels to most of these games. They may be gone but not forgotten.

1Victor1488d ago

How About Toshinden And Philosoma

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