The Forest Gets First ‘Big’ Update Adding Sharks and More

Indie developer Endnight Games released its survival-based videogame, The Forest, onto Steam’s Early Access program at the end of May 2014. Since then the developer has patched the title to fix some of its more immediate issues, but has now released its very first ‘big’ update. The patch, labelled v0.02, adds a host of new features to the experience including new animals, as well as various other improvements and fixes.

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sourav931634d ago

Keeping an eye on this one. Will more than likely pick this up when it comes out of alpha and beta.

zeroskie1634d ago

same here. I've been looking forward to this one.

Ghoul1634d ago

i want sharks with friggin laser beams attached to theyre heads

Rhezin1634d ago

PS4 PORT PS4 PORT! This game looks sooooooo awesome.

user56695101634d ago

notice the tags. two of them are not suppose to be here lol. they even claim games that they cant play.