Watch Dogs Still On Top of Game Chart for Week 24 of 2014

Seemingly nothing can stop Watch_Dogs from keeping its top spot. Nordic game charts for week 24 of 2014

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Keith22939d ago (Edited 939d ago )

I wonder how many returns there are or trade ins.

BiggCMan939d ago

Or maybe some people actually like it -_- It's not all about graphics to everyone, the game is actually fun to play with loads of stuff to prolong the amount of fun to be had. And a really well done multiplayer.

Magicite938d ago

People like these kind of games and casuals dont care if game didnt live up the hype as long as its really fun. Besides game is actually very good, just not as good as we expected.

user9558903938d ago

It's a good game. Stop being so butt hurt

Keith22938d ago

It was the most repetitive game Ive ever played every mission "infiltrate , hack a system, run or kill"

starchild938d ago

I've enjoyed the game a lot and don't regret my purchase whatsoever.

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wonderfulmonkeyman939d ago

Mario kart is still hanging in there.
Good to see.

theizzzeee939d ago

Yeah it's nice to see Mario Kart near the top of the Nordic charts.

keegamer80938d ago

I really enjoy watch dogs. Getting ready to play some more now.

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