Without Memory Interview: All You Want To Know About This Little Known PS4 Exclusive

Without Memory is an interactive thriller, inspired by the likes of Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls. The player takes the role of Anna, who all of a sudden finds herself in a forest with no memory about how she got there. Featuring numerous endings, an engaging plot and a semi open world, Without Memory, a PlayStation 4 exclusive is literally aiming for the skies.

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JMaine5181247d ago

7-8 Hours to complete with 10 unique endings. Nice.

VsAssassin1247d ago

Awesome article. I really do hope that what the devs say in this interview are we are going to experience when the game launches. We could have the next QD if this game becomes successful!

Keith221247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Sounds interesting ! Pity we have to wait 2 years :(

MonstaTruk1247d ago

This is the game with the "N166@" gun, right? A little disgusting/tasteless, but of course...tell me how I'm "wrong"... :-/

elninels1246d ago

Im not familiar with this, can you elaborate or link for me?

MonstaTruk1246d ago

When this game had first broke news on N4G about a month or so ago, the article (don't have a link) showed early screenshots. One screen was a weapon screen, where the gun highlighted was read as "N166@" gun. I don't know if this Russian development crew were just showing that weapon in the game (at that time) for publicity/controversy (a la Far Cry 4), but...they've got my attention. But not my money...

medman1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Why is the game not coming to xbox one? Developer: "The terms of cooperation seems to be unfavorable for us." Priceless. As a ps4, ps3, and 360 owner (with xbone and wii u possibly in my future for 2015 or 2016), this statement doesn't bother me one bit. If I owned only an xbone, I would be getting very tired of hearing the same thing from developer after developer who don't care for Microsoft's ID@xbox shenanigans.