Eurogamer - Tales From the Borderlands is Telltale's triumphant return to its comedic roots

EG - Having not played much Borderlands and only having cursory knowledge of the series, I approached Tales From the Borderlands at this E3 with a bit of apprehension. Sure, it would offer fan service to veterans of Gearbox's open-world shooting series, but two games and a smattering of DLC hardly seems like the sort of inviting, expansive universe of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead or Bill Willingham's Fables series.

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akaFullMetal1488d ago

Can't wait love both games from 2k and telltale, awesome mash up.

Dirtnapstor1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Honestly, I had a hard time enjoying the first installment. Became repetitive too quickly...all I did was pick stuff up, even after I had already done so. B2 was much better, more streamlined in that sense imo. Telltales has done a great job with TWD and TWAU, I expect the same type of quality for the Borderlands version. Good potential for a great story that we never got with Gearbox exploring the unknowns.
But I'm really looking forward to telltales Game of Thrones.

1488d ago