A Conversation with Tim Keenan Part Four

"It’s amazing; it’s amazing, it’s certainly a rollercoaster—at times you question it, ‘cause you’re like, what am I doing? I should just go back and get a regular job; make a decent pay cheque, and not be stressed out all the time, and not be working these nights, but then you think about not doing it, and you’re like: why would I ever not do this? If I have one more month where I can do this full time then I’m gonna spend that month doing this full time; which I think is why you end up doing it—you just burn right through all the money you make up until you have like none left, and then usually something comes about." - Muses Tim Keenan on indie development.

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philfogg1489d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed reading and listening to the interview. It made being an indie developer seem both acessible, yet impossible at the same time.