Here’s what Singapore’s Xbox One launch bundle will contain

Singapore players who buy and redeem a 12 month Xbox Live Gold subscription before the end of June will be entitled to two game freebies.

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Axios21637d ago

40+ more Countries soon to get X1, awesome

jnemesh1637d ago

Yup! That should result in at least 100-200 more sales per week!

fr0sty1637d ago

A console, a controller, an autographed picture of Phil Spencer smirking while chewing bubblegum, and a 3 month Live membership.

mmc-0071637d ago

nope they get 2 stickers instead of one

its_JEFF1637d ago

Pssst... @MorePowerOfGreen just a heads up, Singapore is one of the most "western" countries in Asia. Almost everyone there speaks English. Modern Singapore was founded by an Englishman as a trade route, you're a little late welcoming them to the west.

mrpsychoticstalker1637d ago

Games games games!!!

Next article.

lovesGaming171637d ago

Good news for ms. This fall will b interesting w sales for xb1, cause of being finally available worldwide. A lot of ground to catch up on Sony, this is a step in the right direction, w the free games.

jnemesh1637d ago

Hopefully, it will come with a written apology from Phil Spencer.