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William at GameCloud writes: "I went in with no expectations, but from a brief glimpse, I never expected to step into such a realised and interesting universe, nor did I expect to have my morals challenged in the process. ARID and her counterparts are surprisingly genuine, as well as supported by fantastic voice performances. This is not your typical android science fiction story, and the end result is utterly compelling. The unique blend of genres works incredibly well, without ever feeling as if it’s ever imitating the creator’s source of inspiration. There is an excellent balance between player exploration and tactical shooting; both of which are fueled by creative puzzles that think outside the box. There are still a few rough edges to iron out, but as this is the first game in a trilogy, I think an incredible foundation has been laid. The conclusion, will, without a doubt, have you on the edge of your seat. If you only buy one game this steam sale, make sure it’s The Fall."

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