In-depth at E3: Here's how NHL 15 has been improved on Xbox One and PS4

Steve Wright -- "Stevivor sat down with EA Sports’ Peter Sobczak, Producer on NHL 15, at this year's E3 to discuss the changes between NHL 14 on Xbox 360 and PS3 compared to NHL 15 on Xbox One and PS4. Everything’s been done from the ground up, perhaps explaining why the game’s been an extra year in the making."

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imXify1484d ago

Curious to see if Subban or Bergeron won for the game's front cover.

I think they'll announce it tomorrow

Sayburr1483d ago

I have not played an NHL game is years, but from the sounds of this version... plus the Kings win... I am again interested. I think I will be jumping on this one when it is released and curse at the TV as I try to learn to play.