Based on Reviews, is Watch Dogs the Biggest Flop of 2014?

The hype was huge and while some critics said Watch Dogs delivered the goods, the overall average isn’t indicative of a AAA, Game of the Year-level production.

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GamerzElite1489d ago

I hate paid reviews, Its overhyped game of 2014 (personal opinion). Enjoying year old GTA V more than this.

tee_bag2421489d ago

I tend to agree. It's a good game that couldn't live up to the hype.

georgeenoob1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Honestly, every game released so far this year except Titanfall has flopped according to reviews.

Prime1571489d ago

I agree in that hype sets the bar higher, but I was hyped 100x more for the last of us and couldn't stop playing. Watch dogs? I just played for another hour literally 3 hours ago and kept thinking, "Damn, this game it's boring."

Boring, yes, but bad? No. The world is amazingly crafted and all the mini games are spectacular. So, I love the game in one way, but it's just a grind that had no chance to live up to the hype.

So, yes, maybe, just maybe, if I hadn't been hyped at all for watch dogs out would have been a 9 or higher. However, 8 is solid score, it's just misconceived as a bad score.. hype? Perhaps.

On the other hand, had the game had no hype, would it have profited?

AceBlazer131489d ago

@George your head is so deep in the bullshit. If watchdogs is the biggest flop, Titanfall is a damn close second, believe the hype my ass. You still play george?

mikeslemonade1489d ago

Two flops so far.. Watchdogs is first and Titanfall is 2nd. WD sold well but the actual game is average. Titanfall failed to revive the X1. It was supposed to be the "Gears 1" for the X1. But no it didn't transcend in any way.

SniperControl1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

I cant even properly play the damn thing on PC, still waiting for ubi to get off there damn arse and release a patch.

From what i have played and watched friends play on PS4, Watchdogs looks plays like a average game, am gutted to say i spent £45 on the deluxe version, should have waited for the previews, maybe picked this up on a Steam sale or something.


Titanfall is much like Watchdogs, as in it was hyped to hell, end result, both were average games which disappointed heavily.
I have it on PC, haven't touched it in months.

christian hour1489d ago

Personally for me, I didn't enjoy it, I even went in with my expectations lowered exceptionally, and while I did get at least some enjoyment form the game I found it getting old very fast, and the map was a mess of similar looking icons it put me off doing a lot of the side missions.

While it might be a very enjoyable game for a lot of people, for me it just didn't seem to pull me in. I've put more hours in to other ubisoft open world games this year, child of light included. Watch_Dogs is probably one of the purchases I really regret this year (and I bought Stealth Inc!!, I was in the middle of playing Black Flag when it came out and I just found myself wanting to play Black Flag more while I was playing Watch_Dogs.

Hopefully Ubisoft can work on its flaws and have a much more engaging experience for the second game

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HaveAsandwich1489d ago

its junk. so was titanfall.

Prime1571489d ago

Honestly, gta5 bored me fairly quickly too. I never thought, "I HAVE to progress and play this game." Comparing the two offers many pros and cons for each.

SniperControl1489d ago

Yeah, i got bored of GTA5 once i completed it, have't touched it since.
Really not into MP anymore, to many douche bag 12 year olds.

Skankinruby1489d ago

Good to see someone else say it, gta 5 was underwhelming to say the least

Magicite1489d ago

WD defo wont become GOTY.

SolidGear31489d ago

But all GTA games are boring to me :(

CuddlyREDRUM1489d ago

You mention paid reviews and overhype games, then mention GTA?

Get the irony?

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nicksetzer11489d ago

I liked watchdogs personally, could have been better, sure, but what game couldn't be?

salmon_slapped1489d ago

If it had a stronger story I think it would be better. Like if Nicky was his wife and his daughter was killed. Also a jump button would be nice since it's pretty dumb you can't make it across a 1 foot gap on a roof.

Either way though as far as gameplay goes it's a lot of fun. Definitely don't think its a flop at all.

TFJWM1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Totally agree for some reason it almost feels like she was supposed to be his wife at the start but they changed it.

I did like the story thou.

BlackWolf121489d ago

Gamers have a habit of setting extremely unrealistic expectations and then slamming the developers when it doesn't meet those expectations.

I personally don't know a single person who didn't enjoy Watch Dogs, and it has sold several million units, is that the definition of a flop now is it?

Gaming community is such a joke now days.

user56695101489d ago


plus they overhypre exclusives but when they dont live up to the hype they try to still act like its the greatest game until another exclusive comes along.

ironfist921489d ago

Thank god there's one sane person here who understands.

lilbroRx1489d ago

@Consoleslateagain, I agree 100%.

Exclusives get so much undo praise for no other reason than them being exclusive.

starchild1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

This x 100. Completely agree. Much of the gaming "community" is way out of touch with reality and overly negative and hateful.

I agree with all of you about the exclusives thing too. Exclusives get overhyped by all the fanboys on the internet, while multiplats are often ruthlessly bashed over exaggerated minor issues.

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Why o why1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

100 percent with you there..... I was starting to feel like I was the only guy who enjoyed it.. I'm sure ubisoft will improve on their formula should they make a sequel. Thankfully, my interest influenced my purchase not reviews on this game or I may of missed a solid game.

Im also glad it wasn't his wife and kids......I. mean how many times have we seen that in movies or games. Waaaaay overdone. Niece was fresher.

xJumpManx1489d ago

I enjoyed Watch Dogs myself. GTA is king but other than Saints Row 1 and 2 its prolly my next favorite open world game.

randomass1711489d ago

Haven't yet played Watchdogs so I can't quite say, but from what I've seen people either love it or hate it.

pwnsause_returns1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Well, sales wise, it's not. Quality wise, it reminds me of assassins creed 1. After your done with the campaign, you end up with repetitive side missions, that could of been better. The hacking into firewalls are kinda annoying, the campaign itself was average at best. That E3 2012 mission that were where all blown away by is kinda not there, it's somewhat there, but it's not what you think it is.

Then there's that whole downgrade issue where it killed off some of the hype for this game. Overall though, it gives you a decent and enjoyable package of gaming at the very least.

Overall I don't think its a flop...just that there's a lot that they could of done to make this game amazing. The first thing they should do for a sequel at least is to make this game next-gen only and stop adding parity into games....

It's funny I was thinking about grabbing Wolfenstein, but opted for this game instead due to I'm kinda regretting it, should of went with Wolfenstein, I heard that game was really good...

Eldyraen1489d ago

Wolfenstein is great. Later on you should definitely pick it up if you get the chance.

It isn't the best shooter ever made but it a solid shooter and probably the best shooter to come in the last year (imo).

Console wise, I would say it is the best single player shooter for the new generation thus far by a long shot (Killzone's campaign is only real competion imo and that is based purely on its gameplay--I liked the actual game for how it played but the story, while an interesting idea, wasn't that great).

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