PS4 Weekly Deals: PS4 for $350, The Last of Us Remastered Preorder $50, MLB 14 The Show $48 and more

PS4 deals and sales from the biggest sites like Walmart, Amazon, Frys, NewEgg, Best Buy, GameFly, Target & eBay.

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timothyckeegan1553d ago

PS4 for $350 and 20 consoles in the last hour.
Your last chance every one to get a PS4 for this price.

Chris_GTR11553d ago

yea i picked up a ps4 with this deal aswell gets here monday. i got it a bit ahead of schedule though as there really isnt anything to play at the moment other than infamous. ill be waiting on TLOU HD and destiny :D

andrewsimons1553d ago

Any one played Wolfenstein? Is it worth $40?

Grilla1553d ago

Haven't played it, but it got decent reviews.

tgunzz1553d ago

Played it, great game, and yes worth it!!

uth111553d ago

Haven't played it, but every review I've heard say it's great.

Ihatetrolls761553d ago

Buy it if you like fps games it's a lot of fun on another note ps4 350 that's a good deal may consider buying one for that price time to break open the piggy bank

No_Limit1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Got the game for $20 at the MS store. Great game,it is single player only but it has a long campaign and a great story.

jkuli61553d ago

I bought it today at Best Buy. It was closer to me than Target, and BB does price match.

Ashunderfire861553d ago

Yes and its a very long 20 hour campaign for a FPS.

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edgarohickman1553d ago

Will Amazon PM Target deals?

guitarded771553d ago

Depends... contact their customer support and see. If they do, it will only be through Amazon as the seller obviously.

Apollo11553d ago

Not a lot of deals for this week. I wish I got my PS4 for $350. But never-mind I am happy to be Day 1 owner :)

Tom871553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Wow that white PS4 looks classy

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