Xbox One Weekly Deals: Xbox One Kinect Console + Forza 5 + Watch Dogs $500, Battlefield 4 $20 & more

Xbox One deals and sales at Microsoft Store, Walmart, Amazon, Frys, Best Buy, GameFly, Groupon & eBay.

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Tom871553d ago

Best price for Battlefield 4 so far. Every one should buy this game. Despite all the bugs and errors it has, the game is one of the best FPS games.

Yi-Long1553d ago

I'm glad they finally seem to have gotten rid of all the bugs, but I'm waiting for a 'complete' edition of the game coming out, before I buy it.

BF4 + Premium for 50-60 bucks or something.

mikeslemonade1553d ago

BF is second-rate to COD if your a console gamer. BF has average looking graphics online.

JBSleek1553d ago

After EA statement I will surely not pick BF4 up or any BF in the future.

Apollo11553d ago

Which Statement?
Honestly I hate the idea that they are trying to force every BF4 owner to get Hardline.

zero_gamer1553d ago

One of the best? Have any other suggestions? I look forward to a good FPS, but not BF4. I am not quick to support severely buggy games from multi-billion dollar firms.

Majin-vegeta1553d ago

Just buy it used.EA wont see a single penny.

edgarohickman1553d ago

I wish PS4 had that much sales. BF4 for $20, and almost all launch games for $30 or less.

timothyckeegan1553d ago

Just purchased Nyko XB1 Charge Base for $13. Amazon have it for $23.

andrewsimons1553d ago

Xbox One Kinect Console + Forza 5 + Watch Dogs $500
Now give me a reason guys why should I purchase Xbox One for $399.99.

lebr0n1553d ago

Amazon is selling Forza or Titanfall bundle for $500.
Above bundle is only being sold at Walmart.

liamn1553d ago

Costco is selling Wolfenstein: The New Order for $34.

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