Hyrule Warriors New V-Jump Scan Gives Details On Enemies and More

Yesterday V-Jump released their latest issue in Japan and inside it contained a two page special for Hyrule Warriors. The the scan gives some information about the enemies who will stand in your way.

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Spooney3231612d ago

The anticipation is killing me!!!!

AWBrawler1612d ago

me too dude. i already plugged in over 650 hours into warriors orochi. so you know i'm hype for this.

3-4-51611d ago

I will not be playing this, as I'm not a Dynasty Warriors fan, but I'm really glad this is being made for everybody who is a fan of both DW & LoZ, seems like a cool idea.

herobyclicking1611d ago

Dynasty Warriors and its like have always been a guilty pleasure. I am actually looking forward to this one.