Splatoon Interview – It Couldn't Be Mario, It had To Be Squids

[Game Informer] spoke with Splatoon creators Hisashi Nogami and Tsubasa Sakaguchi about building a new IP within Nintendo, and why the Wii Fit Trainer wasn't a good fit for Splatoon's mechanics.

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mhunterjr1339d ago

The question is, how long until as splatoon character ends up in Smash.

randomass1711339d ago

Maybe the next game. Unless they decide to go crazy and add her into Smash Bros. 4.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1338d ago

as DLC. Sakurai already stated the characters chosen for the roster were before development begins. Meaning further adding characters now results delays.

randomass1711338d ago

Let's hope they make DLC happen then. She could have a unique move set based around ranged attacks.

PinkEye1339d ago

Or some hopefully free dlc added down the line.

Gemmol1339d ago

amiibo or how ever its spelled, with that any character, can be used in smash bros or mario kart....I cannot wait to get a Ike from Fire Emblem amiibo to use as my Mario Kart driver

vakarian751338d ago

I dont think it works like that.

wonderfulmonkeyman1339d ago

Do the characters in Splatoon even have names?
So far we just call them "The squid kids"...XD

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