When a Good Cause Gets Tainted

Original Gamer: "This June was an important month for Nintendo. At E3, they stole the show by showing that they, and the Wii U, weren't dead in the water. Prior to them winning the hearts of gamers across the globe at E3, they were in some hot water over a game that came out just a few days before. That game, Tomodachi Life, became the center of a world of drama that was not only unnecessary, but also filled with misguided rage spurred by professional antagonizers who hijacked a meaningful cause."

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randomass1711640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

I had to stop reading when the article mentioned the "patch" in the Japanese version. It's really unfortunate how misinformation gets spread around. There was no patch, it was players dressing up male Miis with female clothes and vice versa to give the illusion of same sex marriages in the game. Nintendo never patched out any same sex glitch because it never existed to begin with.

edit: Back on topic, the cause was not initially a bad one. But I think it lost its credibility when it tried to make Nintendo look less like a bystander and more like a bad guy. Calling out Nintendo for homophobia was not the way to handle it because it simply wasn't true. We might as well call every game racist for not having any of the existing ethnic minorities, or some games sexist for not letting you play as a woman. Publishers and developers are not bad people for omitting things like that and it doesn't really take away from the core experience of the game.

armycore1640d ago

If I'm reading it right, the link you posted said that there was a glitch and it was patched.

randomass1711640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

My mistake lol. According to that link there was a patch to fix a game breaking bug that coincided with the timing of screencaps showing same sex marriages in the game. I forgot that there WAS a patch, but not to remove same sex marriages specifically. According to the link I posted the glitch concerned "clothes, relationships, and more—for players' Miis, and ultimately would leave the game completely unplayable." So okay, it was indeed patched out. That was an inaccuracy and I should have remembered to mention that so thank you for bringing it up. :)

edit: Sorry for that mix up everyone. Bottom line is the game still wasn't patched specifically to get rid of same sex couples, but instead to remove a bug that broke the game that happened to include marrying male Miis together. It basically added some ugliness to what was otherwise a non-issue.

Tiqila1640d ago

so this article is about tomodachi life and the whole same sex marriage thing again? pass...

randomass1711639d ago

Yup. Mostly about how the controversy was a good movement of fans asking for something they wanted and it becoming a lot of unnecessary anger and resentment.