Star Citizen's New Pictures and Video Show a Beautiful Xi'An Scout as Game Pushes Towards 47 Million

Cloud Imperium Games released a new batch of concept renders, artwork and a video of Star Citizen‘s beautiful-looking Xi’An Khartu-al scout.

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solidworm1549d ago

Game looks great. Really wanted this until I saw No Mans Sky. Now I,m not bothered. Enjoy......

Stapleface1549d ago

Two very different games. Flying ships in space and being able to land on planets is about where their similarities end.

Azurite1549d ago

I was really interested in No Man's Sky until I found out it was singleplayer only.
The only thing connecting you to others is by seeing what's been discovered.

JsonHenry1549d ago

Kinda strange since everything you can do in No Man's Sky you can do in Star Citizen. And Star Citizen does A LOT more than what NMS will do. Seriously, NMS (while probably being a good game too), is like training wheels with pastel coloring compared to all the amazing things you'll be able to do in SC.

I'm not saying your opinion is wrong. I'm just saying if you genuinely like what you see in NMS then you WILL get that and MORE with Star Citizen. The only thing that you can't get in SC is the stylized art and coloring. So if you are interested I implore you to check out more on SC because it might be more to your liking than you might think.

Magicite1549d ago

just 455 millions more and they will beat Destiny /s.

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Trunkz Jr1549d ago

If you need a group in SC to fly with

I own two Xi'an scouts (I will sell one), but our clan does own it's own Idris-P (which I am the holder of).

renerak1549d ago

This game doesn't have high requirements to play. The alpha ran really well on machines weaker than the consoles and it still isn't fully optimised they say. The game can come to consoles eventually, but i don't want it come especially because it has a trashy community that actually makes petitions for a game 'not' to come to pc, and a community that is always at war with each other and always insecure. And while we have 100s of brilliant pc exclusives, you write them off as trash so to argue with your lvl of intelligence we need a game that you know is good but you can't have it. We do have other arguments to counter but your console lvl intelligence usually can't comprehend. Ofcourse there are smart people in console land, but the majority in the internet is not them.

Mrmagnumman3571546d ago

It's going to get harder to run. Remember that they have yet to add the 100k poly character model, they are replacing a lot of the assets with better ones, adding PBR to the whole game, creating universes, the game will look so much better at release.