MP1st | Scuf One Xbox One Controller Review

MP1st - "Enter the Scuf One, a competition-level Xbox One controller from Scuf Gaming that’s as competitive as any competitive gamer would hope and dream for. But what it does best is offer the next-gen Xbox gamer options and new ways to play. That goes for anyone serious about shooters. In this review, I’d like to go over what those options are, and to whom this alternative product might appeal."

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MultiConsoleGamer1640d ago

The pro grip handles seem very intriguing. Solid review.

user14394141639d ago

Scuf is amazing but I would recommend getting the OpTic Scuf One using the discount code NaDeSHoT #GreenWall

Software_Lover1639d ago

The XBone controller feels kind of small to me. I don't like the smaller thumbsticks. My older son (turned 8 in May) used it for the first time to play on the pc and his words were......"Daddy, you know that new controller you got for your PC, the xbox controller, it doesn't feel like the other xbox controllers. It feels fake". His exact words. He should know, all he does is play basketball and play NBA 2k when he's not playing basketball (and reading).

I have a good controller design that I should shoot over to Nyko that could fix the problems. I should patent it myself first lol.

JohnJ1639d ago

Wow you're impressive

r1sh121639d ago

The Xbone controller is pretty good, and personally I think it hits most of the controller 'sweet spots'.
Though it might feel small, the general consensus is that it remains a very good controller.


not sure how the controller stacks up against the xbox one controller, but mannnnn this thing is PRETTY!

ramiuk11639d ago

isnt it identical to xbone pad?

Mister_V1639d ago

It basically IS the Xbox One pad, but with Scuf's design improvements. It's literally the first-party controller taken apart and then put back together but with cooler stuff :)

Slick811639d ago

Gonna send in my x1controller for a sure grip and new stick upgrade

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