Mass Effect 4 Release Date: Bioware Expects ME For 2015

Mass Effect 4 Release Date is expected for next year as game developer Bioware reported to have all their attention and focus for a different game this year.

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randomass1711550d ago

Lot of great stuff coming out that year. Fall this year will be nice but 2015 is going to be crazy good for everybody.

Agent20091550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Agree, 2015 is going to be one of the most exciting years in the history of gaming. So many games, so little time...

Irishguy951550d ago

It's actually getting a bit ridiculous how many games are coming in 2015


JBSleek1550d ago

2015 will be on par with 1998 and 2007

Tetsujin1550d ago

The problem I have with all these games coming in 2015 is then a lot of companies are gonna push to 2016 for the fear of over saturation; however they will argue "polish" and other PR statements.

Mass Effect is one game I want in the future, however if Fallout did get announced I'd pick it over ME in 2015.

DOMination-1550d ago

Teaser at VGAs then with gameinformer cover in March and gameplay at next e3

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randomass1711550d ago

If we go by history it could be at any time. The first game was initially released in mid November, the second game was first released in late January and the last game came out in March. Pretty crazy release history, huh?

F4sterTh4nFTL1550d ago

Now that there are multiple teams working on different BioWare games I expect a BioWare game releasing yearly around the same time of the year, most probably October/November.

2014 = Dragon Age: Inquisition
2015 = Mass Effect 4
2016 = New BioWare IP/Star Wars game

colonel1791550d ago

Most likely! If the game was to be ready for 2015, they would've shown something! At the very least, they probably will announce a date for 2015 and be delayed to 2015 like happened to many games this year.

OrangePowerz1550d ago

2015 sounds very optimistic given how little they showed at E3. They could have had at least a cinematic CGI Trailer.

djplonker1550d ago

Exactly what I thought when I seen the title

Mass effect 4

dragon age inquisition

unannounced new ip

They are keeping busy that's for sure!

starchild1550d ago

Maybe they don't want to show off games too early as has been common so often lately.

OrangePowerz1550d ago

If you expect to launch in 2015 you want to show a short CGI trailer at this years E3 given a tiny insight into the setting and the possible story to make people guessing what it is about. At the Vudeo Game Awards in December a longer trailer that gives a few more answers but also throws uo more questions and a gameplay reveal at next years E3. So basically you want 1 1/2 years of building up interest. What they should at E3 didn't built any interest at all for me because they didn't really show anything at all.

Given how poor the EA press event was, if they believed it comes in 2015 they would have showed something. Even if it comes in 2016 they could have needed to show something because their event wasn't good at all full of short prototype footage
Showing anything tangible would have made the event a lot better.

Blackleg-sanji1550d ago

Ok its clear that im gonna need to get a second job just for 2015 lol all these releases are crazy

LAWSON721550d ago

2015 seems unlikely we did not even get a CGI trailer at E3 let alone a plot reveal (besides that it is not a prequel).

randomass1711550d ago

Yeah, I got the same vibe. At best the game is still in its pre-production phase.

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The story is too old to be commented.