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Button Mashers | Capcom Up For Sale

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ROQFrost  +   315d ago
Didn't Capcom have high profits last quarter?
gantarat  +   315d ago
Capcom shareholders don't like Takeover defence plan
-Foxtrot  +   315d ago
If it was going to be sold to someone, like the big three then it would be either Nintendo or Sony for me. Japanese companies for a Japanese developer
Monster_tard5  +   315d ago
I doubt any of the big 3 will buy it, but I would love to see Nintendo buy it and revive some IP's and maybe they could talk Microsoft into trading the Dead Rising IP for the Banjo Kazooie IP(wouldn't happen either, but I can dream).
LordMe  +   315d ago
They are not "up for sale" they simply opened up for stock takeover, which while not good still means someone has to buy an insane amount of stock before it is an option...
JBSleek  +   315d ago
466 Million estimation.
headblackman  +   314d ago
that's easy money for microsoft ;)
LordDhampire  +   315d ago
Capcom had to work really hard to destroy their own company, they are one of the dew companies with rights to tons of AAA Series yet just blow their money, because they are to stubborn to change....supporting the wii/wii u over playstation/xbox
veegeeeffex  +   315d ago
You're going to blame this all on the Monster Hunter crap? Haha. The problems lie way deeper than that.
LordMe  +   315d ago
I think the bigger issue is not listening to fans. Lost Planet 3, DmC, Monster Hunter not being localized, Resident Evil 6...

The list goes on, generally it was their attempt to westernize that got them in this situation.

Resident Evil 7 being a return to roots, DMC5, Dogma 2, MHOnline coming to PC, PS4 and X1 stateside would be a big shot, and might be the break they need in the franchise stateside, due to less next gen games it might be noticed easier. Same logic could apply to MH4 if the Wii U version comes over here.

And Megaman Legends 3!
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yokokoroma  +   315d ago
This was well said, Capcom trying to become more "Western" is definitely a factor that brought them to this point on the gaming side of things.
cyclindk  +   315d ago
We should buy it, all of us here on N4G, institute a voting system for what games will be made. Kickstarters.

Street Fighter - Resident Evil - Dead Rising mash-up.
Agent_hitman  +   314d ago
Even if I have money to buy stocks at Capcom I won't do it. Because Capcom isn't even listening to it's fanbase for a long time and they keep on pissing us off with mediocre games.. So yeah our money will be wasted..
Ihatetrolls76  +   315d ago
God I'd love to see ms buy capcom while there at it buy ea well buying ea would be a bad idea it would kill ps4 in the states and we need competition and before people disagree about ms buying ea would kill ps4 in the states need to look at it this way most people who buy those consoles do it for battlefield madden and all there other games
LordMe  +   315d ago
I would prefer Koei Tecmo or Bandai Namco to get them...
Ihatetrolls76  +   315d ago
Bandai would be a good choice I think hate to say it Nintendo would do good as well I'd like to ms buy them as long as they would remake the classics and that's because I like xbox more Nintendo then ps
metatronx  +   315d ago
Capcom in the hand of MS? Are u out of ur mind? -.-
Ihatetrolls76  +   315d ago
Wouldn't be a bad thing as long as they brought back the classics and revitalized the games hand them over to Japanese developers that would do them justice it would be a success
SpideySpeakz  +   315d ago
What a wonderful idea. So MS can force Cap to make half-baked Kinect games and the death of classic IPs.
What a genius you are...just all-around intelligent.
Troll score: 2/10

Capcom should stay independent multiplat.
Eejanaika  +   314d ago
If their going down though someone should step in and try to save them. to bad no one did that with thq
yokokoroma  +   315d ago
I'm not surprised by this at all, it was only a matter of time. Resident Evil 6 was a failure (despite reports that say otherwise), too many rehash versions of Street Fighter IV, the unfulfilled request for a new Megaman game. The list goes on, but the point is pretty clear, Capcom is it's own worst enemy.

The financial state of the entire company rest in the hands of a sole individual, who based on a report I read about a month (or two) ago, squanders the revenue Capcom takes in on things that would only benefit him, and not the company.

Capcom could have avoid this, if they resurrected the IP's they neglected in the 7th gen. Some of which fans actually asked for over on Capcom unity forums...such as Rival Schools, and Megaman. Instead, they ignored those pleas, and are now paying for it...
aiBreeze  +   315d ago
Well whatever happens, do gamers a favour and sell the Darkstalkers IP to Arc Sys
voodoochild346  +   315d ago
Yes! Someone understands. I hate how Capcom severely watered down SF4 to accommodate casuals and then made 5 different versions when the should have let it die and work on SF 5 already. Slow as molasses game speed, ugly graphics and scrub mechanics(crouch techs, dp fadcs, "block" strings you can mash through) have stunted the potential the game could have reached. Arc Sys actually understands how to make a game new player friendly and yet compromise the competitive aspect of the game.
vivid83  +   315d ago
I'd buy that for a dollar
voodoochild346  +   314d ago
3 people obviously haven't seen the original Robocop.
vivid83  +   314d ago
lol I know what a shame
HacSawJimThugin  +   315d ago
Come on MSFT buy the damn stocks already!! With Phil in charge at Xbox, the sky is the limit.
JBSleek  +   315d ago
At the end of the day an investment group will likely buy the stocks if anyone will buy it anyway.
gantarat  +   315d ago
Capcom shareholders just removed the hostile takeover defense plan nothing else. Capcom will still be capcom but just letting any japanese company that bought the most shares takeover.
Austin48  +   314d ago
I don't care who buys them as long as they fix Resident evil
Gezmoyassine  +   314d ago
I keep hearing about a law that forbids a foreign company from acquiring a Japanese company.IF that is true then Microsoft is out of the picture.

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