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Capcom Up For Sale

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ROQFrost1518d ago

Didn't Capcom have high profits last quarter?

gantarat1518d ago

Capcom shareholders don't like Takeover defence plan

-Foxtrot1518d ago

If it was going to be sold to someone, like the big three then it would be either Nintendo or Sony for me. Japanese companies for a Japanese developer

Monster_tard51518d ago

I doubt any of the big 3 will buy it, but I would love to see Nintendo buy it and revive some IP's and maybe they could talk Microsoft into trading the Dead Rising IP for the Banjo Kazooie IP(wouldn't happen either, but I can dream).

NovusTerminus1518d ago

They are not "up for sale" they simply opened up for stock takeover, which while not good still means someone has to buy an insane amount of stock before it is an option...

JBSleek1518d ago

466 Million estimation.

headblackman1518d ago

that's easy money for microsoft ;)

LordDhampire1518d ago

Capcom had to work really hard to destroy their own company, they are one of the dew companies with rights to tons of AAA Series yet just blow their money, because they are to stubborn to change....supporting the wii/wii u over playstation/xbox

veegeeeffex1518d ago

You're going to blame this all on the Monster Hunter crap? Haha. The problems lie way deeper than that.

NovusTerminus1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

I think the bigger issue is not listening to fans. Lost Planet 3, DmC, Monster Hunter not being localized, Resident Evil 6...

The list goes on, generally it was their attempt to westernize that got them in this situation.

Resident Evil 7 being a return to roots, DMC5, Dogma 2, MHOnline coming to PC, PS4 and X1 stateside would be a big shot, and might be the break they need in the franchise stateside, due to less next gen games it might be noticed easier. Same logic could apply to MH4 if the Wii U version comes over here.

And Megaman Legends 3!

yokokoroma1518d ago

This was well said, Capcom trying to become more "Western" is definitely a factor that brought them to this point on the gaming side of things.

cyclindk1518d ago

We should buy it, all of us here on N4G, institute a voting system for what games will be made. Kickstarters.

Street Fighter - Resident Evil - Dead Rising mash-up.

Agent_hitman1518d ago

Even if I have money to buy stocks at Capcom I won't do it. Because Capcom isn't even listening to it's fanbase for a long time and they keep on pissing us off with mediocre games.. So yeah our money will be wasted..

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The story is too old to be commented.