Reggie recognizes the Metroid influence in Axiom Verge, gets heckled

"Last Sunday on Sup Holmes we welcomed Tom Happ, creator of the upcoming PS4 and PS Vita game Axiom Verge to the program (full episode here). Tom had just returned from E3, with the help of Sony, who is backing Axiom Verge via their Indie Pub Fund. Tom's worked in the industry for years, but this was his first time standing along side the likes of games like Destiny and The Witness, with a game that he made entirely by himself no less. You can imagine how he might have felt."

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randomass1711636d ago

ZING! Hopefully this experiences pushes Nintendo to bring out Metroid faster.

Metallox1635d ago

People want a Metroid game more than ever and Nintendo needs to understand that. It's actualy a good thing that the guys at Ninteando EAD are looking the ways to make new entires for the series.

#MetroidE32015 please!

randomass1711635d ago

Yeah! They said they want to do 3D and 2D Metroid games in the future. Hopefully they deliver on that soon.

ShinMaster1635d ago

1 person made this game.

When Nintendon't, someone else has to.

The_Hero1636d ago

They need a new Metroid.

KakashiHotake1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

A Metroid game in VR would be awesome.

wonderfulmonkeyman1635d ago

I think that's a pretty cool compliment.
I know I'd be honored if one of Nintendo's big-wigs was relating MY indie game to one of their big-name franchises.
It means he's doing something right with this game, and if it's not supported by the fans then that's going to be a criminal, crying shame.

frezhblunts1635d ago

Yeah if a big Nintendo guy comes over and says that your game looks like one of theres that is just amazing and a huge honor, congrats!

Inception1635d ago

Nintendo, i'm dying for a new 2D Metroid >.<

Anyway, Axiom Verge looks cool. Gonna check it out when the game released next year.

"Also, Tom worked on a proof of concept prototype of a 2D Maximo game? Amazing"

Dang capcom! Why not giving Tom a greenlit for a 2D Maximo?! Because i've been waiting for a new Maximo for 10 years and looks like the wait isn't over yet T_T

A new 2D GnG would be cool too. I love Ultimate GnG for PSP and still wonder when capcom will making a new one...IF they not forgot that they still have a franchise called Ghosts 'n Ghoblins.

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