Destiny PS4 preview - why Bungie's FPS could be the best multiplayer shooter of this console era reflects on its hands-on time with Destiny and concludes that there's real potential for it to take the gaming world by storm upon release in September.

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Am-No-Hero1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

I think this game will make me hold the controller all day all night , it has something special i don't know what but I know there is something special in this amazing game

Ultr1551d ago

True. The alpha was cool and the more I played it the more I liked it.
I still don't know if Im going to buy it because it seems that this game is just going to suck up a lot of my time.
And that may just be the only reason not to like this game ^^

Magicite1551d ago

Havent this gen just started?

shay1591551d ago

"i don't know what but I know there is something special in this amazing game"

I completely agree. It's definitely a game you need to experience rather than watch.

BattleAxe1551d ago

But will it be the best shooter of the PS3 era? After all, it is releasing on the PS3 and 360 also.

ZodTheRipper1551d ago

I honestly can't imagine that it will be the best FPS of the current console era... there is so much more to come during the next 5+ years. But there's a high chance that it will be the best FPS available on PS3/360, depending on how good it's running on these old systems.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1551d ago

I'd say Warhawk, Uncharted 2, & Killzone 2 are more of the best shooters for the PS3 era.

Nykamari1551d ago

MAG to me was the best shooter on PS3, a lot of folks just didn't like team work!

IcicleTrepan1551d ago

uncharted is in no way a shooter

theshredded1551d ago

that's laughable my friend COD 4,Bioshock,Killzone 2,Resistance 2,BF BC and others mop the floor with Destiny

OpieWinston1551d ago

Hype kills games for a mass majority of people...Please don't overhype Destiny.

This console generation is starting, we don't know what we'll be getting and if Destiny gets too much hype it could be butchered.

I'm looking at this game and asking myself the most important question "What kind of End game content to expect?"
We know there are "Raids" but if they don't have a decent end game content system besides the Crucible this game will fall flat on it's face and be eclipsed next year. (I'm well aware this franchise has a 10 year plan)

Evolve/Shadow of Mordor/AC: Unity/Sunset Overdrive/DA: Inqusition in October
Farcry4/Halo MC Collection in November
Arkham knight in January
The Order/Witcher 3 in Feb
Quantum Break/Fable Legends in the Summer
Uncharted 4/Halo 5/Zelda in the Fall

Will I have a reason to come back to Destiny after I sink 20+ hours into the game, that's the trick.

Reddzfoxx1551d ago

Too late the hype train left the station a few days ago. Next stop disappointment city.

Too much focus on graphics so far on next gens leaving game play and storyline out of the games cuz kiddies are telling them resolution is why they buy games.

Jonny5isalive1551d ago

its already in trouble, it supposedly needs to sell 15 million to break even.

Destrania1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

After playing the alpha myself, I wouldn't make some sort of crazy statement like 'Destiny will be the best multiplayer shooter this console era'. I mean seriously, come on. It was crazy fun, but who knows what kind of multiplayer shooters will be released this generation, and there are great multiplayer shooters that have come befoe it.

kewlkat0071551d ago

Way too early for that statement..

LAWSON721551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

"why Bungie's FPS could be the best multiplayer shooter of this console era"

Uh, its just saying it could be it does not say it will be. Just speculation and possibilty, not a statement

MysticStrummer1551d ago

It's way too early even for that speculation.

The game does look like it has great potential though.

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