Will the E3 Press Conference Soon Be Obsolete?

CraveOnline: "Can you think of a single instance where your console maker of choice unequivocally “won” E3 consecutive years in a row? I can’t. I’d wager that it’s almost impossible. The nature of an E3 press conference is such that it requires showmanship, bombast, and an unwieldy heap of software and hardware designed primarily to bury the competition under its sheer size and weight. Somewhere along the line, the goal of press conferences became not to promote yourself, but to defeat the opponent, and any company foolhardy enough to believe it can win E3 every year has serious arrogance issues. I’m looking at you, Sony."

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The_Hero1640d ago

Because E3 is where developers show case their games on each individual platforms.

As much as people can acclaim Nintendo for being "for the gamer". On a business side, not showing off 3rd party games that aren't exclusives is a mistake on their part.

For third-parties; showcasing their games even if they are multi-platforms is a way to market their games. Free marketing in an event for gamer that is the equivalent of the super-bowl.

So yeah, it was entertaining, but they really need 3rd party support.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1640d ago

I hope so. Nintendo's digital event made me want to pick up a wii u.

It helps get rid of broken stage demo's, mics cutting out and awkward stage fright. Also, helps to focus on games.