SATIRE: Why Ubisoft Was Right

Reuben Williams-Smith of SpawnFirst "weighs in on" the Ubisoft controversy.

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ironfist921636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Can we just get the facts straight about this controversy?

1: Ubisoft have already made an AC with a female. So get over it.

2: Its a creative decision

3: Yes it would take an unnecessary amount of time and effort to suddenly appease the masses and make one of the coop Assassins a female, and to make a convincing well developed female who wasnt just a reskinned AI with the same animations, but then...

4: You DON'T play as a female anyway. Everyone playing coop will appear as the main character ARNO on their own screen

5: Why is this suddenly such a big issue in regards to Ubisoft when the characters in their games/franchises/series are the most diverse in any other game franchise to date.

I'm all for diversity in games, coming from someone whn a cultural minority, but this is an absurd issue.

Efforts are better spent in criticizing developed for over-priced DLC, or broken releases.

bixxel1635d ago

Agree with everything.So why doesn't Call of duty,Battlefield,Batman,Hitman etc. get a female protagonist? The same reason AC U doesn't have it.