Nintendo's Third-Party Game Problem

The Big N's first party has always been strong, but that third party could use some improvement.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Nintendo's stuck in the middle of a vicious Catch-22 right now as far as the AAA third parties are concerned.

The AAA's want their multiplatform ports to sell better on the Wii U before they'll devote more time and energy to releasing games on it, but the consumers they want to see buying those games, who own the system, don't want to buy their AAA multiplatform ports [which is practically all they've made] because the majority of those ports are basically crappier versions of the same games on other systems.

The AAA third parties refuse to do anything to make their ports more desirable to the Wii U consumer base[which could easily be done with the right exclusive content; imagine a map in a multiplayer shooter that used Mario's warp pipes as strategic entry and exit points all around the map, alongside a pack of guns based off of the various Beams from the Metroid series, as a cheap DLC pack. THAT, would sell copies], and they refuse to make new games that would do a better job of catching attention.

Then they blame it on Nintendo's console specs[despite other developers making great games regardless of the tech inside], on the fanbase of the console not liking "those types of games",[despite the fact that many people in the Wii generation went multiplatform and have played and liked "those types of games" plenty of times], on the sales of the console[which are now picking up], and on plenty of other things.
Basically everything except their own methods used when developing these inferior ports is put under fire and demonized for their lack of profits on the Wii U.[they had a year of no AAA first party games to content with when the system launched; why didn't they do anything original? Why only PORTS that were destined to sell badly?]

Nintendo's got a lot of work to do with making the system sell better, but even if it DOES start picking up in sales, the AAA third parties aren't going to make money off of the system.

Not until they change how they approach the userbase on it.
No more inferior ports would be a great start.

Gemmol1553d ago

Third party avoid Nintendo because with the Sony and Microsoft console they always have the bigger sales, halo is not competing with Grand Theft, Uncharted is not competing with Grand Theft, now Mario Kart Wii on the other hand 35 million sales with a 100 million consoles.....while Grand Theft 32 million with 164 million consoles (Xbox 360 + PS3)......if you look at Sony financials/reported sales in the past or any sales website, you will see only one game out of PS1, PS2, & PS3 sold over 10 million and it was Gran Turismo....out of all their first party only 1 game sold over 10 it shows none of the people on this website or around the world care for Sony, all it means is that most of them just use the console for 3rd in a way no one have no brand loyalty like me, but for some reason you may hear people say they a sony fan or xbox fan......but yeah, this is why they love Sony and Microsoft.....because 3rd parties have no competition, while Nintendo is too much competition.......look at it like this once playstation and xbox came out......3rd parties were happy they did not have to compete with Nintendo no more......they (nintendo) are like a character in a game with full stats and unlimited energy, you cannot take them down sales wise.....and they want to make money, its a business and people have bills

ballsohard20131553d ago

honestly... i have always had every major console dating back to NES, Genesis, Saturn. N64 etc. (Currently owning ps4 and waiting on X1 exclusives to get the X1). I personally do not like Nintendo's games at this stage of how i play games. It seems like nintendo hasnt really evolved in terms of Genres offered. Everything seems to come back to Mario, Donkey Kong or cute cartoony characters. I let my girl by a Wii and recently Wii-U to stay off of my Ps4 cause while im in a NBA 2k match or playing watchdogs i wont have to give up the sticks.

Spec wise... we all know nintendo hasnt put the money behind the R&D to make a powerful system. They made minimal improvements to offer a cheaper system and recycle the same ole games. And when the system attach rates start to slow down and every system... nintendo always wants to run to MarioKart, Smash Bros and Zelda for the rescue or the promise of a Metroid. It was getting pretty old with Gamecube to wii now wii u.

Nintendo historically had the worst attach rates of all the major consoles starting with N64 i believe. Playstation and PS2 was great at offering games for the masses with a large selection specially for alternatives to the kiddy bs.

Gemmol1553d ago

you are wrong about the attach rates, not all of their systems had low attach rates.....

here is factual information, not opinion, showing nintendo attach rate....

N4g_null1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

This is the unadulterated truth. Hell I don't even like competing with Nintendo lol. All you can do is try to do something not nintendo. You risk making games with out game play though. Another problem is a whole lot of talent has left the industry. It gets replaced by great 3d modeling teams etc but none of these guys are even real gamers, they are casual at best because they have had careers else where. Then we have some strange economic problems going on along with even stranger gaming tastes. 3rd parties simply don't know what gamers want any more. Games are almost selling due to the scarcity of them now it semms.

SaintAlpha1011553d ago

I bought my Wii-U for first party Nintendo games, I didn't buy it to play the newest CoD or Assassins Creed.
I have the 360/PS3/PS4 for third-party games.

So the lack of third party games doesn't bother me.