Watch Dogs Review - Duuro Magazine

Duuro says:"The game has a lot to offer and will feed your crazy completionists hunger for quite a while. The main story and the characters are not really that interesting or intriguing. Everything happens for a stupid reason that in the end, will leave you a bad taste in the mouth. Also the great conspiracies, the secret and intriguing twists that Ubisoft likes to throw in, are nowhere to be found. Sure some of the audiofiles you find, offer some tiny clues to the bigger picture, but as I said, tiny. The gameplay is interesting and solid with satisfying gunplay and parkour although the driving could have been way way better. In the end, this is my opinion. I liked the game for the most part, however it wasn’t really that mindblowing experience I was expecting it to be so lower your expectations before buying it. But who am I kidding? You already own Watch Dogs and if you don’t, what is wrong with you? Oh, also get it for PS4, XOne or PC, don’t even consider the old gen!"

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bixxel1641d ago

My favourite character in WD was Jordi.Cos he's like Jim from BBC One Sherlock.

Bryanarchy1011641d ago

I disagree, I feel the characters (aside from Aiden) were all very interesting and unique. The voice acting (aside from Widen) was on point, IMO.
I felt my encounters with each character was intriguing. There were times I felt like I was part of a TV series.