MotoGP14 Fuels Generation Wars Between Microsoft and Sony

PQube and Milestone launched the first salvo in the Exclusive Generations Game.

No its not the first Exclusive that has been developed for Xbox One or PlayStation 4. But this is the first title to be launched on a siblings console (Xbox 360), and not on the current Gen platforms!

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Bennibop1640d ago

Great game really enjoying it on ps4

pedrof931640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

It is a Ps4 exclusive ?

Yay, I got MGP2 (or was it 3)on the Ps2 And it was amazing !

This is what happens when a console sells half of what the competitor has sold.

devwan1640d ago

360, ps3, ps4 and pc. not xbox one.

urwifeminder1640d ago

Stopped playing these when THQ lost the licence I tried them and not one was good made by Capcom , milestone did an ok job on the superbike games so this game may be better than the last few will try it out on steam.

Bennibop1640d ago

Definitely worth it loved motogp (namco bandai) and loving this.

UltraNova1639d ago

Queue in Hurt by Johnny Cash and you have the whole picture!

badboyz091640d ago

may pick it up when I get a ps4 this summer.