EA Sports UFC: Justin Bieber Vs Bruce Lee...Guess Who Wins?

"EA Sports UFC received mixed critical reception, but if this video is any indication, there’s still a lot of fun to be had with it."

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vishmarx1268d ago

stats are fine but he doesnt look like beiber at all.
also what makes you think he can survive getting slapped by bruce lee

JohnApocalypse1267d ago

Bruce Lee could flick his finger at Bieber and it would it cause serious damage

TD_hastetheday1267d ago

Yeah, I'm guessing that's just a bad attempt at a user's created player.

AgentSmithPS41267d ago

At first I thought "Why is Bruce Lee fighting so badly this should already be over." Then I realized that upon seeing Bieber he wanted to take his time and enjoy bringing justice to the world ;).

AgentSmithPS41267d ago

I had to post this

I haven't watched the fight yet but look at Obama and Putin's faces lol.

sovietsoldier1267d ago

i dont like how nerfed bruce is in this game, he should have been 100 in every stat.

OwnageDC6501267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

They probably would like to give Bruce Lee a 100 in every category but then it wouldn't be fair vs other fighters just like it wasn't fair in real life. =)

d3nworth11267d ago

That says alot about Bruce Lee. You have to underpower him to make the game fair. Usually its the opposite.

hkgamer1267d ago

im sure fighters nowadays have advantage over bruce lee. well under ufc rules anyway.

sports science have improved so much that all fighters are on the perfect diet, doing the perfect training regime to build the perfect body suitable for a 2:00(?) fight in a ring.

sovietsoldier1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

@hkgamer you know bruce was also a pioneer in training for sports, not just martial arts. his training was a bigger reason for his success not his martial arts as his martial art technique was nothing but this and that from others.

Auron1267d ago

really though bieber wouldn't even touch Bruce.

hkgamer1267d ago

i be surprised if any celebrity would be able to touch a professional fighter/martial artist.

and i be surprised if any martial artist would not be able to knock out a non fighter in under 3 punches.

SoulSercher6201267d ago

Bruce Lee had to be dumbed down just like Superman in MKvsDC. He's probably the closest to Superman we'll ever see in real life.

471267d ago

I know this game is supposed to be a simulation of the real UFC, but damn I wish there were fatalities. No one deserves a fatality performed on them as much as Beeber, fan created or not.

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