Destiny Dev Comments On Xbox One Vs PS4 Exclusive Content & More

Community manager David Dague speaks candidly about many things regarding their highly anticipated shooter.

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ArchangelMike1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

I'm reminded of a song... "what goes around comes around kid, what goes around comes around..."

When Microsoft was buying up exclusive content for the 360 left right and centre, how many xbox fanboys came to the rescue decrying such business practices? Heck how many will stand up against the exclusive content for The Division, or Call of Duty Advanced Warfare etc etc.

But now that the shoe is on the other foot lets cry about it? You guys still don't get what a business is, and what it takes to expand your consumer base. Bungee have done the right thing by courting the Playstation Nation, it means they get two huge fan base in one hand, it's a genius move.

But fanboys though... jees, I though the age of the average gamer was 35, I guess it's still like 10.

JBSleek1520d ago

It's not that serious lol. People get so worked up about the small shit.

Mr Pumblechook1520d ago

The dev is talking down to Earth sense. Ok some Xbox owners feel upset about not getting exclusive content as the same time as PS4 owners but they will get it eventually. Exclusive content is standard in this business and Activision have provided Xbox owners with first dibs on all Call of Duty DLC.

So all this talk of petitions and the 'betrayal of Xbox' by Bungie stems from something more... Some people are unhappy that AAA studio who were formerly Xbox exclusive have gone multi platform and that the 'other' platform is getting the better deal. But that's just the nature of the business. Look at Insomniac, admittedly they are not quite in the same league as Bungie but their latest game Sunset Overdrive is an Xbone exclusive - but you don't see a petition for that to be on PS4!

marlinfan101520d ago

@mr pumblechook

There actually were petitions going around to bring SO to ps4

darthv721520d ago

They really should not use the term "exclusive" if it eventually comes out to others later on. I'd prefer them use the term "first dibs" or something to that effect.

Exclusive content that actually remains "exclusive" can use that term. Best example would be the joker levels in the first Batman Arkham game. They were exclusive to the PS3 and never came out as DLC for the 360 version.

They werent central to the game itself but extra levels in the challenge portion of the game.

Lawboy21520d ago

Huge difference btw...COD being 1-3 months timed exclusive and destiny being a year exclusive content....if u want that content u might as well get the ps4 the time that content gets to xbox one it will be useless...ppl will have moved on to other games

aragon1520d ago

Mr pumblechuck there was a petition to bring sunset to ps4 lol and the devs received death threats, this whole destiny thing is retarded I haven't seen any petitions and I have xbox faithful friends no one is bitching about the content ps gets because we will all get it, I am happy that ps fans get to experience a bungee game.

shinrock1520d ago

It not the dlc,it's the 3.6 billion x fans put in their pockets thru games books and toys. Not mention the 100's to 1000's of hours ginding in Halo. Of course x fans except 1st dibs on dlc content. To add insult to injury, they are giving exclusive content 1st to people who str8 dissed bungie from the day halo popped up on xbox. I kind of feel that way to but ill get over it when the game drops.

Darkstares1520d ago

It is business and always will be business. What I guess people are wondering is how many of those that used to get upset over this practice are now just shrugging it off because it's now on the system they prefer or are they just as upset about it now as they were back then?

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mhunterjr1520d ago

On the other side of that same argument, the Sony fans were adamantly against the practice, they felt it was fundamentally wrong.

If you disagree with something in principle, you shouldn't stop disagreeing with it once it because beneficial to you...

Personally, I don't feel the urge to complain about getting first dibs on the opportunity to spend extra money...if that's what upsets us, then these major companies have us hook line and sinker.

NemesisAU1520d ago


Just because microsoft has done it doesnt make it right that sony does it too

Outside_ofthe_Box1520d ago

***"if that's what upsets us, then these major companies have us hook line and sinker."***

Exactly. The fact that people are upset shows these companies that people do in fact care about the exclusive content, timed or not so they'll continue do it.

I personally never buy DLC unless they're of the caliber of the GTA4 episodes or Red Dead Undead Nightmare because I feel most of them are either overpriced or should have been included in the game to begin with so these timed exclusive deals don't bother me in the slightest anyway.

The only way they'll stop or at least start to slowly die down is when they see no uproar and no correlation between sales and exclusive content.

moparful991520d ago

I very very rarely buy dlc and when I say rarely I mean it. The last piece of dlc I bought was for saints row 3 and it was because I got the game for free through PS+ and wanted to reward the developer so I bought the Saints' VTOL jet dlc.. I paid 99 cents..

I think the whole business of exclusive DLC that you have to buy is silly. If its free dlc for reserving the game or buying early then I think thats great. Reward gamers for supporting your product.. When Microsoft began buying up exclusivity rights to dlc and piece meal content I knew immediately that it was bad for the industry.. I dont tevall this practice occuring before the 360..

True_Samurai1520d ago

Um don't get too carried away it's only armor and weapons that will probably get replaced within the 30min or so and one mp map. I don't think Xbox gamers are really missing out imo loll

SliceOfTruth8881520d ago

What on earth are you talking about? Like what even provoked this statement lol. Are you like excited because bungie has exclusive content for Sony after all these years you probably bashed halo since you were "playstation nation" lol if you are above the age of 10 iam legit scared lol

SonyMontana1520d ago

Xbone fanboys can thank MS for the early DLC and exclusive content war. What comes around goes around is exactly right. What the hell are they crying about anyway? They're getting early DLC for Advanced Warfare, The Division and Evolve before PlayStation players. Are they really that butthurt over one game? XD

Nine_Thousaaandd1520d ago

Apparently so...I feel like they are getting the better deal here with early exclusive DLC goodies. Like you said...The Division, Evolve, and CoD Advanced Warfare, all first on Xbone! And let's not forget Insomniac's Sunset Overdrive exclusive to Xbox other platforms!

Xbox players need to chill the eff out...and relax, damn...ya'll want everything!

LordMaim1520d ago

@Nine_Thousaaandd: Some DLC for The Division, Evolve, and CoD Advanced Warfare, all first on Xbone, not the games themselves. Just cleaning up the phrasing on that message.

As for Sunset Overdrive, I'll wait to see if it's better than Fuse before calling that a coup for Microsoft. It looks flashy, but we'll see when it's released how it holds up.

Lawboy21520d ago

Yeah but as I said earlier...huge difference btw 1-3 months and a whole year....ppl move on from games....I know I do....

aragon1520d ago

I see more Sony fans saying Xbots are upset than I see Xbots upset this is a non issue compared to the petitions over the years and the death threats that have been sent to devs in the past more and more articles like this are trying to enclave Xbots than they r pissed off xbots

Death1520d ago

This has nothing to do with Sony buying exclusive content. Sony is broke and can't afford it. This has everything to do with Bungie treating the fans that made them what they are very poorly. Bungie is giving their attention to the Playstation fans to try and win them over. The irony is these are the same fans that said Bungie was over rated since Halo dropped.

I am 100% for Bungie making their games accessable to as many people as possible. I don't even expect Bungie to give Xbox fans more since they have supported them so long. What I do expect is Bungie to treat their existing fans with respect. I will not support what Bungie is doing with Destiny.

If Naughty Dog went independent and developed their next IP on all platforms giving more content to Xbox, Sony fans would be irate.

Outside_ofthe_Box1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )


Showing your true colors eh?

***"I will not support what Bungie is doing with Destiny."***

I bet you support what Insomniac is doing with Sunset Overdrive though. Dat hypocrisy?

You're honestly better off buying Destiny than not buying it tbh. Buying it shows that "hey I dgaf about the exclusive content on the other platform, I'm still buying it on my console of choice so making that deal is a waste of your time/money." If the XB1 version of Destiny outsold the Ps4 version or at least sold close to it that would speak more than anything than buying it used or not at all.

Evilsnuggle1520d ago

[email protected]

Wow Sony is broke?

Wow this is just more fanboy nonsense . SONY is no were near broke or bankrupt . Sony is a multi billion dollar multinational corporation that is has 72 billion in asset . That is no where near broke or bankrupt . Is Sony profitable no because they are in the middle of restructuring so they can become profitable.

Redgehammer1520d ago

You can thank the nearly 15 million unit gap(1) on 360 for the love xbox fans got, if the 360 fans are to blame for anything, it's opening their wallets a significant number of times more than the PS3 fanbase. Money is a powerful motivator.

(1) number is all COD titles Lifetime according to VG charts. So grain of salt required.

kenshiro1001520d ago

Wow Death, Sony is broke?

Then what do they develop their games with? How did they buy Gaikai? With Monopoly money?

Sorry, Sony is worth more than you think they're worth.

Death1519d ago

Sony is broke. They have been bleeding money annually for years and selling off assets to try and appease investors that have been dumping stock. Sony still has assets, what they lack is profits and operating income. As far as paying for exclusives go, they don't have the money to do it which is why I said Bungie is the one targeting Playstation owners by giving away exclusive and early content, not selling it.

Insomniac was not and is not a first party developer for Sony. They have always been independant, but operated more like a second party until 2010 when they announced their partnership with EA and released Fuse on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Comparing a third party to a first party developer is a moot point. Bungie was aquired by Microsoft before the Xbox launched. They were a first party studio for over a decade releasing the biggest franchise on the Xbox platform.

Once again, I don't feel Xbox gamers deserve special treatment for supporting Bungie for 10 years. I do feel they deserve equal treatment though. Bungie is making it very clear they don't care abouth their existing fanbase and are taking them for granted. I do not support that mentality at all. If they only care about potential new customers, why should I care about them?

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lelo1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Personally I think people are making way to much fuss about Destiny. It's a MOO FPS...
I'm in no rush to purchase this game, maybe later on when it's much cheaper.

As for exclusive content, gamers have to accept it, it's business. Simple as that. Money Talks, BS Walks.

LordMaim1520d ago

Not an MMO, any more than Borderlands is.

pompombrum1520d ago

Regardless of which corner you're in, it's a dirty practice from both sides which only ends up hurting the gamers who can only afford one console. I hope at least that both Sony and Microsoft pay enough for these exclusive bits to help make the overall quality of the games better.

FACTUAL evidence1520d ago

Xb1 should get some master chief skins, that would be cool if bungie did that.

vallencer1520d ago

I think exclusive content in general is annoying. It's a disservice to gamers really. I don't like it when microsoft does it and I don't like it when Sony does it. I get it from a business standpoint. I'm sure scoring the month early access of dlc to COD has boasted Microsofts sales somehow but it's still annoying.

The only reason I'm irritated about it is because I have a Xbox one to play destiny on with my friends. So I'm now missing out on extra content BECAUSE I can't afford a ps4. Like I said it's a disservice and I wish it would stop on both sides. The only people that don't benefit from it are gamers. Especially the ones who can't afford both consoles.

TheRedButterfly1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

The issue isn't the exclusive content - it's who's getting the content. And yes, that sounds INCREDIBLY childish, but hear me out.

Since we all know that it won't be happening on any platform, I'll use The Witcher III as an example.

Let's say that TW3 had an exclusive alpha on PS4. That's fine, no harm done, right?
Let's say that TW3 had exclusive DLC on the PS4. That's common, so whatevez.
Let's say that TW3 had an exclusive console package deal with PS4. Like Destiny.

Do you think that PC people would be incredibly "okay" with "their developer" lending exclusive content to a platform that isn't theirs?

Different example: (Let's say that Uncharted goes multi-plat.)

Let's say that Uncharted had an exclusive alpha on Xbox. No harm done, right?
Let's say that Uncharted had exclusive DLC on Xbox. That's common, so whatevez.
Let's say that Uncharted had an exclusive console deal on Xbox One. Is it still okay?

Differente example: (Let's say that The Legend of Zelda goes multi-plat.)

Let's say that TLOZ had an exclusive alpha on PC. No harm done, right?
Let's say that TLOZ had exclusive DLC on PC. That's common, so whatevez.
Let's say that TLOZ had an exclusive hardware deal on PC. Is it still okay?

Current situation: (Bungie is releasing a multi-plat game.)

Destiny has an exclusive alpha on PS4. No harm done, right? - ehh...
Destiny has exclusive DLC on PS4. That's common, so whatevez. - ehh...
Destiny has an exclusive console deal with PS4. Still okay? - ehh...

The issue isn't /having/ exclusive content - The issue is who's getting what's exclusive content.

If you're a "PC Gamer" and have strong ties to a traditionally PC-exclusive developer, and said developer offers exclusive DLC to a console, the PC player will probably be upset.

If you're a "PS4 Gamer" and have strong ties to a traditionally PS-exclusive developer, and said developer offers exclusive DLC on Xbox, the PS player will probably be upset.

If you're a "Wii Gamer" and have sting ties to a traditionally Nintendo-exclusive developer, and said developer offers exclusive DLC on PC, the Nintendo player will probably be upset.

If you're an "Xbox Gamer" and have strong ties to a traditionally Xbox-exclusive developer, and said developer offered exclusive DLC on PS4, the Xbox player will probably be upset.


When it's a traditionally milt-plat game/developer, you won't see me complaining about exclusive (timed or otherwise) content that's coming any specific platform. But when it's an exclusive developer who you've spent your entire life supporting, and then they suddenly reemerge with exclusive deals with an alternate platform? It stings a little.

Regardless of how stupid it is, it stings. There IS a sense of loyalty that comes with supporting an exclusive developer - I don't know a PS fan who doesn't swear by NaughtyDog. And when that developer is no longer developing exclusively for "your" platform AND they are offering exclusive offerings to OTHER platforms? It hurts. And that's retarded, but that's how I (and many, many, many, many others) feel about Bungie's Destiny approach.

I don't care who gets what Battlefield content - same with COD, Boarderlands, GTA, etc. etc. - but when it's coming from the guys who brought me Halo? Or who brought "you" The Last of Us? Or who brought "you" The Legend of Zelda?

It's a little different.

LordMaim1520d ago

The problem is that your examples all revolve around established properties. Uncharted, The Legend of Zelda, etc. In such a situation, if you wanted the next entry in a series that you enjoyed or had invested years in, and suddenly that next entry was exclusive to a platform that you didn't own, you are "forced" to buy that platform.

The content that is exclusive doesn't rob you of any substantial story experience like the GTA IV DLC, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas or Skyrim exclusivity deals. And they didn't broker title exclusivity like Dead Rising 3 for example, where you could either buy an Xbox One or wait for the PC version of the game a year later.

Destiny is a new IP. It isn't exclusive to any platform. The additional weapons, equipment, map, and items will be available a year later for Xbox One and 360 owners. This isn't a "forced" console switch for anyone.

Without going into hardware comparisons, or fanboy nonsense, the experience will be fundamentally the same for any player of the game, regardless of the console you play it on. To have a Microsoft supporter be irritated by this minor inconvenience is nothing short of irrational.

1520d ago
TheWatercooler1520d ago

I'm short on time. Anybody want to summarize this?

insomnium21520d ago


in summary it's apples to oranges.
The guy compares the biggest of the big game franchises switching over to a new IP swiching over. Halo or Uncharted going multiplat is not the same as a new ip going multiplat no matter who the dev is.

kenshiro1001520d ago

I guess you don't have the cliff-notes version?

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trywizardo1520d ago

i don't think xbox fans hating bungie for sonys exclusive content , they're hating it because they made it what it is now , they supported halo from the get-go and now bungie turned their back on them , at least this is what i think
if it for the content then xbox fans have no right to get angry , after all xbox have more exclusive contents on games that PS ...

insomnium21520d ago

Halo is not going multiplat though.....

Yetter1520d ago

No logical xbox fan or PS fan have ever stood behind exclusive DLC as a 'good thing'. I highly doubt it has an impact on sales and it just adds fuel to the fanboy fire.

Magicite1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Exclusive content and DLCs cant make up for the main game's flaws.
Although its understandable when people love the game and they will buy any additions there are.

Morgue1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Same could be said for the hundreds of comments that get posted every time an article about " exclusitivity " gets brought up. Who cares. Even when I owned a 360 half the games that had it I never even played and even when I played COD/BF I wouldn't by the buy the map packs or now, season pass. If you can't make a complete game for $60 why should I/we shell out another $20 or for that matter another $4.99 for the " exclusive " gun skins or a Snoop Dog voice over.

Hell. I even broke and bought an X1 last week because I wanted a few games that won't be releasing on PS4, played Ryse which I thought was okay considering it was too have been a Kinect game and it's just mind boggling for all the clamor that MS owners say that it's the best console, I don't know what they're on. MS can buy all the content they want as far as I care if that's what they need too move systems but as it stands right now for me. Out of 10 the X1 is a 7 until some quality games are released for it.

I also have theory on this site that those who post the longest comments usually get the most disagrees...

Rimeskeem1520d ago

Wells it's like 10 on Xbox. Jk

But you make a lot of good points. Business is business especially when it comes to the gaming industry.

xDHAV0K24x1520d ago

I for one DGAF! Good for ps4 owners

NewZealander1520d ago

Yes what goes around comes around, I don't care about DLC, bring on sunset overdrive, thanks insomniac!

Mithan1520d ago

Fanboys are always idiots.

That being said, I don't care who "bought up what" and neither do I fault bungie in any way for offering exclusive content to the PlayStation when the system that built them is the Xbox.

Besides, what will the exclusive content amount too? Probably some skins and some useless weapons, like usual. It isn't like this is an entire Expansion Pack like GTA4 had.

Too many people bitching and whining about nothing.

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RDOUBLE1520d ago

I could care less about this game it looks boring to me. I personally am getting tired of fps games.

memots1520d ago

You could? That means you care a lot.

BX811520d ago

Yeah this game didn't seem that great. Maybe it's one of those that you need to play the full version?

HeavenlySnipes1520d ago

Probably gonna be the best game (for the X1 and PS4) of the year excluding Farcry 4 if that turns up great

Can't wait to see what they come up with in the full game

BX811520d ago

Easily looking forward to farcry 4 and dragons age before destiny.

Jughead34161520d ago

For Sony, it's a good business deal to have exclusive Destiny content. They're trying to sell systems. If you want to play this content, get a PS4. XBOX fans shouldn't feel betrayed by Bungie. It's a timed exclusive. Sunset a Overdrive isn't a timed exclusive. It'll never come to PS4. If I want it, I have to get an XBOX. Insomniac games are famous for their PS3 exclusives. It's just business. Playstation fans shouldn't feel betrayed. We should understand this and not feel betrayed when companies make these deals. It's disappointing when you can't get certain content, but too many people are offended by these business deals

KonsoruMasuta1520d ago

This is exactly how I feel about it. It's just business.

If a company threw money at me to make a game or piece of content exclusive to their console, brand loyalty is the last thing I would worry about. They aren't trying to betray you and there is no reason you should feel that way.

insomnium21520d ago

If Insomniac were to make a Resistance or Ratchet game for xbox then it would be a different case alltogether.