Frugal Gaming | Heavy Bullets – An Early Access Preview

That’s all well and good, but what REALLY makes it stand out?

It’s a matter of taste with this one – but for me it’s charm. Charm and character. The high-poly, uber-neon visuals, odd cast of baddies and downright weird assortment of powerups give it a sense of personality

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PridedLlama1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

I love the idea and concept of this but it's just far too garish for me, even the trailer left my head swimming :-(

TheLiztress1640d ago

I love the style of this game. It looks quirky, lol.

Though I don't know what I think about having to reload each and every single time (but, hey! Reusable bullets are good!).

karlosmorale1640d ago

Looks like the 80s arrived and vomited up a video game.

UglyGeezer1640d ago

Looks like a nice time-filler and a decent price as well.