PlayStation Now: Change Your Prices in This Way if You Want to Win

During the early release beta phase of the coming service PlayStation Now, prices have recently launched and are much higher than the community can live with.

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Jacktrauma1634d ago

I see where its going with the model but I think a lot of people are going to do the math and see that its just better to buy it out-right. With many games only clocking in somewhere around 20ish hours and not playing it ever again, some will find it to be a deal. To each their own tho I suppose.

vongruetz1634d ago

It's better to buy it outright if you have the machine to play it on. But if you want to play Uncharted on the PS4 or Vita (or Bravia TV) then buying the game isn't an option.
I like this model, but if you have a game that takes 10 hours to complete, you're potentially only going to pay a few bucks for it.
That said, most of the games that will be offered will be older games on legacy systems, so it's not like the publishers were going to get much more money from them anyway.

ginsunuva1634d ago

Exactly: people are forgetting that PSNow isn't made for ps3 players to stream ps3 games.

The ps4/vita-only owners have no other choice than to buy from PsNow or get a ps3.

The_Hero1634d ago

Don't pay for it until the price is right.

Magicite1634d ago

Im mostly playing JRPGs and I usually devote 100 hours to each.

Stevefantisy1634d ago

I can see both sides of why charges are the way they are. Since we have no idea what or if Sony is offering a developer split in that fee its hard to say if its a complete price gouge. I for one don't do rentals because if I want a game I buy it.

Eonjay1634d ago

"Since we have no idea what or if Sony is offering a developer split in that fee its hard to say"

The titles don't belong to Sony, unless Sony buys them out completely. The developers are paid for their titles. Its not even a question. You can't sell someone else's IP without paying them for it.

GribbleGrunger1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

I disagree with the pricing put forward by this article. Let's face it, the 4 hour play for $5 is actually paying for a demo, so the pricing should reflect that. The reason Sony are in two minds about this is obviously because some games CAN be finished in 4 hours, but that's not an attractive price. Be clear about what it is. Reduce the time for the demo option and charge the minimum amount:

2 hour: $1
3 days: $3
7 days: $7
1 month: $15
3 months $25

Do this and everyone will be satisfied.

MasterCornholio1634d ago

I agree and its not like the service will be used for PS4 games or anything.

GribbleGrunger1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Yeah, I think Sony are worried that the press will run with the 'paid demo' narrative and put a dampener on PSNow but I don't think it would matter too much if the price reflected exactly what it is. At $1 for 2 hours, if a person knows a game can be finished in 3 - 4 hours, they'll just pay for 2 sessions anyway. Everyone is happy. I'm also sure for $1 many more people will try out the service and then perhaps go in to invest more readily in the longer term prices.

tkato1634d ago

Give all the games for free and everyone will be satisfied!

ginsunuva1634d ago

No but then we have to complain that Sony isn't continuously depositing money into our bank accounts.

ginsunuva1634d ago

$5 for 4 hrs is made to push people for the more expensive options, since they know no one would really want a game at that price for a short time.

It's like restaurants that make small drinks $2.00 and x-large ones $2.30 to make the other one seem like a better deal.

SweatyFlorida1634d ago

I can see this being their motive. But I see a lot of people under pricing as well just to be as cheap as possible, when in reality Sony will only, at best, meet expectations half way.

The main problem I see is the varying prices. What they need to do is set a cap price for the highest prices a developer can price their game at, and those should at least be fair (No, not $5 for 4 freaking hours, try $2.99 instead, or $1.99. $7 for 7 days, etc), with cheaper, less popular games at like 0.99 for 4 hours, $4.99 for 7 days, $12.99 for a month, etc.

IIRC, back in the day, Hollywood Video's rentals were only $5 for 5 days for CURRENT games on the current consoles, so why should these developers and/or Sony charge more than that for last gen games...

KinjoTakemura1634d ago

It totally depends on how much a rental would be. But most of these rentals are probably targeting people who have Sony Bravia TV's and PS4s only. I think you'll be able to use Playstation Now with Playstation TV too if i'm not mistaken.

blacktiger1634d ago

You have a good point, but missing a bigger picture. Seriously, if you think they can release $10 for 10 hour just so gamers can have the chance to beat the game then sure, that sounds reseasonable to all gamers. Honestly, you'd think $10 is worth a game on a high end budget game? Maybe they are 2012, but they still don't worth that much. Maybe $15-20 dollar as you don't own the game and have 50/50 to beat the game.

Overall any game that are PS3 or PS4 and even Xbox 360 & Xbox One games (not including indie games) don't deserve low cost pricing just so any gamers can afford them.

Although I'd be happy :D

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